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Another early NES classic NES J O (9)
Make your way through a giant maze collecting random items, beat the mother brain, escape through tedious small platforms and watch a strip-tease. NES Bregalad (916)
Metroid - Old (classic) games don't die, they just fade away NES Ryan Kelly (10)

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Arcade 2 4.4
Game Boy Advance 17 3.8
NES 98 3.9
Nintendo 3DS 3 4.7
Wii 4 4.8
Wii U 1 5.0
Combined User Score 125 4.0

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NESVideo Game Den
All in all, Metroid is a true classic and, even to this day, decades after its original release, I still enjoy running around Zebes's intricate underground maze. A timeless masterpiece.
NESNES Archives
Metroid is one of those games that you have to own. It was one of the greatest games ever made upon its release in 1987 and although graphically inferior it is still one of the most enjoyable games around.
Game Boy AdvanceG4 TV: X-Play
Continuing its general holding pattern, Nintendo has graced us with yet another portable remake rather than a brand new adventure. But enough time has passed since 1987's "Metroid" that the core of "Zero Mission" will feel fresh to most players. Heck, most people playing videogames these days weren't even born in 1987. And for the old-school types, it keeps the spirit of the original intact while adding enough flair to make it worthwhile. While not without its minor shortcomings, "Metroid: Zero Mission" is damn enjoyable and perfect for blasting space pirates on the go.
NESAll Game Guide
Yes, Metroid is exceedingly difficult, and even frustrating, but that's not a bad thing. The best players can beat it in under three hours, but the number of years it took them to reach that level of proficiency is probably higher. Metroid's not just a classic because of its astounding graphics, cinematic sound effects, accurate control and fresh gameplay, but also because of its staying power.
Attention, chef-d’œuvre ! Metroid est sans aucun doute l’un des jeux les plus novateurs de tous les temps. L’ingénieux mélange de plates-formes, d'action et d'exploration est une trouvaille tellement parfaite qu’il est encore utilisé aujourd’hui dans de nombreux jeux (la série des Castlevania sur portable en tête). Ajoutez à cela une ambiance marquante, une extraordinaire bande-son et une durée de vie plus qu’honorable et vous obtenez de l’or en cartouche comme on n’en voit pas tous les jours. Même aujourd’hui, la profondeur du titre de Nintendo n’a pas pris une ride et Metroid reste sans doute le meilleur épisode de la série avec le troisième opus. Il ne vous reste plus qu’à vérifier tout cela par vous-même.
NESNintendo Land
Metroid is very very big with loads of hidden bonuses in the different rooms. The first game to use the MMC1 chip. Metroid is a big challenge to complete and to get the best ending sequence you have to complete in under 45 minutes and that isn´t easy! Metroid is game that I highly recomend to all serious NES-gamers.
Whilst there are some who may disagree, Gamestyle believes that this is one of the greatest games of all time. We're glad of the opportunity to play this game again because Gamestyle had truly forgotten what a magnificent game this was. We feel sorry for those who have not experienced any of the Metroid games as yet, because they are truly classics, and Gamestyle strongly recommends them to this day. They sure don't make them like they used to, but hopefully they will.
Wii UGamezGeneration
Metroid ist ein Klassiker, der sich auch heute noch lohnt. Wer die „echte‟ Erfahrung will, der zeichnet sich seine Karte von Zebes selbst, es ist jedoch kein Frevel, wenn man sich online eine kleine Orientierungshilfe heraussucht, um Samus einigermaßen zielsicher durch ihr außerirdisches Abenteuer zu lenken.
NESTotal! (Germany)
Obwohl die schier endlosen Labyrinthe auf die Dauer recht eintönig wirken, braucht sich Metroid auch vor der aktuellen Konkurrenz nicht verstecken. Wer kein 16-Bit-Gerät besitzt und irgendwo noch ein Metroid auftreiben kann (und sich von der entsetzlichen Verpackung nicht abschrecken läßt, sollte ruhig mal Probespielen.
Metroid ist sicherlich eines der fesselndsten wie fordernsten Module auf dem NES. Wer dennoch vor einem anspruchvollen Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht kapituliert, findet hier genau das richtige für unzählige Stunden ungetrüben Retro Spielspaß!
Wii UNintendo Life
A desolate atmosphere, innovative upgrades and a perfect soundtrack all come together to cement Metroid as one of gaming's true masterpieces. If a lack of in-game guidance of any kind bothers you, then this is probably not going to be a very welcome addition to your collection. But for those who can engage the game on its own terms, and who don't mind stumbling now and again as they seek the correct path, Metroid offers an experience like no other.
Jeder Freund von kurzweiliger, actiongeladener Jump and Run-Kost ist mit dieser Genrereferenz bestens beraten. Selten wurden die 500 Punkte besser investiert. Leider müssen gerade die optisch versierten User hier ein, vielleicht sogar beide Augen zudrücken, aber mittlerweile sollten auch sie erkannt haben, dass es nicht nur auf die Grafik ankommt. Wer also ein Spiel möchte, das Geschichte geschrieben hat und auch heute noch richtig Spass zu spielen macht, der macht hier sicher keinen Fehlgriff. Dass bei diesem Adventure Kracher kein Multiplayer zur Verfügung steht, stört keineswegs, vermittelt es doch so viel besser das Gefühl des auf sich allein gestellten Einzelkämpfers, ausgesetzt hinter den feindlichen Linien.
NESPower Play
Obwohl ich kein Fan von Action-Adventures bin, hat mich Metroid einige Zeit vor das Joypad gebannt. Dieses Spiel ist genau das Richtige für alle, die große Labyrinthe lieben und gerne Karten zeichnen. Das Höhlensystem ist riesig und birgt einige Überraschungen. Um so viel Grafik in das Modul zu quetschen, mußte der Programmierer natürlich mit Tricks arbeiten. So setzt sich das Labyrinth aus vielen Szenen zusammen, die sich immer wiederholen. Da es genug verschiedene Aufgaben gibt, fällt das nicht sonderlich ins Gewicht. Doch gerade bei den Schächten zum Wechseln der Stockwerke mangelt es mir an Abwechslung. Ein dickes Lob gebührt übrigens der ausführlichen Anleitung. Die vielen Zeichnungen der Monster und der Extra-Waffen machen schon beim Durchblättern Appetit auf das Spiel.
So even though the first Metroid may have lost some of its luster over the past 20+ years it still proves to be a good solid title in the NES library. The atmosphere is good with decent graphics and great music, and it has that engaing gameplay many expect from Nintendo titles. It may not stand up well against its later sequels and remakes, but Metroid is still another Nintendo classic worth a playthrough or two.
Fazit: Metroid ist ein Muss für alle Action-Adventure-Fans, die auch die klassischen Sidescroller von damals mögen. Für das NES ist es wohl eines der Genre-Referenzen, das durch seine Story, Spieltiefe und der passenden Musik absolut überzeugen kann!
There will be plenty of gamers, even longtime, dedicated Nintendo fans, who decide to pass on downloading Metroid. And that's not because it isn't worth 500 Wii Points – that's a deal for this adventure. It's because this first Metroid has just been so prolific in other releases in recent years. You could unlock and play it on the Metroid Prime GameCube disc. You could unlock and play it on the Metroid: Zero Mission Game Boy Advance cartridge. You could even buy it as a standalone cart for GBA, by itself, when it came out as part of the Classic NES Series for that system a few years ago. But if you don't already own it, if you haven't ever experienced the first ever Metroid, do so here. You'll see how the series established its foundation – in exploration, in isolation, and in never holding your hand.
Podsumowując można powiedzieć, że gra jest ciekawa, ale jak już wspomniałem raczej dla zatwardziałych graczy. Dzięki cyfrowej dystrybucji starszych gier udostępnianych na Virtual Console, każdy ma szanse za niewielkie pieniądze zapoznać się z przeszłością elektronicznej rozrywki, bez konieczności zakupu kilkudziesięcioletniego sprzętu. Klasyczne gry dają wiele frajdy i tyleż samo dał mi Metroid. Warto zagrać jeśli retro-klimaty nie są dla Ciebie odpychające. Może nie jest to tak lekki klimat jak Super Mario Bros., ale jeśli chodzi o poziom satysfakcji z obcowania z tym tytułem – to jest on porównywalny.
NESThe Video Game Critic
The game features good graphics, memorable music, and creepy sound effects. I have a few minor gripes. Many of the areas look very similar, so backtracking can be confusing. Also, there's nothing worse than having to jump for your life out of the dreaded "sea of fire". A long password is provided after you die, and some of the letters are not English. The game's ending is regarded as of the more memorable ones in video game history. A highly acclaimed sequel, Super Metroid, was released for the SNES in 1994.
NESASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Wer wie ich ein Fan von Action-Adventures ist, sollte sich unbedingt einen Nintendo kaufen, denn die momentan erhältlichen Module schlagen alles an Komplexität, Spielbarkeit, Benutzerfreundlichkeit und schließlich Grafik. In Sachen Action-Adventures kann im Moment kein Computer oder Videospiel dem Nintendo das Wasser reichen. Nach Adventure of Link und Legend of Zelda ist METROID das Beste seiner Art, das man in Deutschland für das NES kaufen kann. Trotzdem kann ich METROID keinen ASM-Hitstern verleihen, da noch ein ganz schönes Stückchen bis zur Klasse von Adventure of Link fehlt. Wer Legend of Zelda schon gelöst hat und sich die Wartezeit auf Adventure of Link verkürzen will, sollte zugreifen. Für die anderen gilt das Sprichwort: „Anschauen kostet nichts“.
Game Boy AdvanceGamerz-Edge
In just less than a month, we’ll be playing the newest installment in the wildly popular Metroid series, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. But in any situation, it’s always a good idea to know your history, and videogames are no exception. As such, Nintendo has released the second set of Classic NES titles for the Game Boy Advance, now bringing the total to 12.
70 (UK)
It's certainly worth the measly 500 points, so why am I feeling so cagey about giving it an enthusiastic endorsement? Well, because this is the first in a series and, unlike movies, most games tend to improve with each sequel rather than diminish. Dedicated retro archivists will obviously value the chance to collect the entire run in chronological order, but those casual players just looking for the pick of the pack would do well to wait for Super Metroid which will probably be along in a few months.
NESComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Again this game is hugely playable and is very gratifying to play. I really do think Nintendo is a match for Sega if it can continue producing software of such high standards.
NESThe Games Machine (Italy)
La qualità della grafica è come sempre buona, con alcuni tocchi notevoli nell'animazione dei Guardiani, mentre il sonoro è ridotto ad una serie di musichette piuttosto ripetitive che cambiano solo da una sezione all'altra e ad una piacevole musica introduttiva nello schermo dei titoli. La possibilità di usare una password per ricominciare il gioco nel punto dell'ultimo progresso si rivela particolarmente utile, date le dimensioni impressionanti della mappa di gioco, che fa di Metroid un programma interessante anche per gli avventurieri oltre che per i fanatici dell'ultraviolenza.
Game Boy
The conclusion of this game can be put simple: Metroid used to be a topgame in its time and is definitely worth the money and playing time as a collectible. However, you'll need tons of patience to finish it as the frustration- and difficulty levels will get very high. Also the graphics and music won't make you feel any better and true collectors will probably rather want to buy the real NES version and let this one laying around in the stores. An extra tip: Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of this game but with some adjustments that make the game more playable. Only for hardcore gamers, people who want to complete their Metroid collection, or anyone who likes a real old-skool challenge.
WiiNintendo Life
It’s hard to whole-heartedly recommend Metroid as a Virtual Console download in this day and age thanks to the repetitive nature of exploration and reliance on illogical passageways to progress. While it was one of the best games of its time, the level design is now a barrier to entry whereas other classics don’t similarly suffer. Unless you are feeling partially nostalgic for lost childhood days or are keen to experience the whole Metroid canon, we recommend that you pass on this and wait for Super Metroid to hit the Virtual Console instead as it improves on this game in every conceivable way.
En conclusion, Metroid est un jeu correctement réalisé mais trop difficile ; même pour un joueur expérimenté.
Game Boy
Voici enfin l'occasion de rejouer à l'épisode originel de la saga Metroid sur l'écran de la GBA. Tout le monde s'en fiche peut-être, mais certainement pas les fans de Samus Aran qui verseront une larme de nostalgie en redécouvrant un jeu culte qui a, certes, un peu vieilli, mais qui est tout de même à l'origine d'une descendance prestigieuse.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN
Fact: Metroid, the NES version, can be obtained as an unlockable in Metroid: Zero Mission released last year. Which makes it curious why Nintendo bothered releasing Metroid again as a 20 dollar "Classic NES Series." Perhaps its for kitsch value, so that collectors can have themselves a box that uses the old-school NES pixel Samus. Whatever the reason, it's tough to recommend this game over the "free" version already offered, since I'm pretty sure most people already into the Metroid series has snagged a copy of Zero Mission anyway.
Unless you're already a devoted fan of the original Metroid, you probably shouldn't bother downloading it from the Wii's Virtual Console shop. There's certainly no good reason to subject yourself to such a disorganized and frustrating game when--for only a few dollars more--you can download the similar, yet superior-in-every-way Super Metroid instead.
Game Boy AdvanceDigital Entertainment News (den)
If you are reading this and have not played the original Metroid (or even worse - never heard of it), what are you doing reading a videogame review? The classic Metroid stands as one of the hallmarks of the industry, a standard barer for action platforming, videogame depth and of the sci-fi genre for years. It has spawned countless remakes and been on 5 platforms. Now, the original comes back to us.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot
When the original Metroid was released in 1986 for the NES, it became an instant classic. The action adventure game spawned a franchise of sequels and remakes that spanned generations of game hardware. Now that Nintendo has rereleased the original Metroid on the Game Boy Advance as part of the Classic NES series, the question begging to be asked is: Why? It's easy to see how certain aspects of Metroid's design made it a classic, but 18 years later, the overall package just doesn't measure up to today's action adventure standards. Moreover, the game is of dubious value, because it has already been included as an unlockable bonus in other recent Metroid games.
Game Boy AdvanceRetro Gamer
The re-release of Metroid has a major fault though, and that’s the whole point of the thing. Let us explain – if you’ve already bought the recent GBA remake of Metroid (Zero Mission) then you not only have a better title overall, but it includes the original game as a free unlockable bonus! So you can spend an extra £10 and get the excellent Zero Mission and the original game in one go. This alone means that as good as the original Metroid is (and it is good), it’s very hard for us to recommend this, and you really should get Zero Mission instead. We’d gladly have given Metroid a much higher mark on its own merits, as it’s a classic title worthy of anyone’s collection, but paying fifteen notes for a game that can be found for free elsewhere (on a game that most Metroid fans will already own) is a little much. Nintendo should really know better.
Game Boy Advance1UP
For a mere $20, you can own a near-perfect port of one of the greatest NES games ever made, compacted to fit on Game Boy Advance with no noticeable loss of quality.
Game Boy AdvanceJeuxActu
A moins d’être un fan inconditionnel de la série des Metroid, il n’y a pas de raison de craquer pour ce nouveau jeu NES Classics. Si vous voulez découvrir les origines de Samus Aran, dirigez-vous plutôt sur Metroid : Zero Mission avec sa réalisation digne d’une Game Boy Advance.
Game Boy AdvanceCheat Code Central
I doubt that few players other than Metroid fanatics will get anything out of this game. At the same time, they should also be in possession of a copy of Metroid Zero Mission which featured an unlockable version of this very game. You would be better off spending a few extra bucks and getting the Zero Mission game if you don't already have it. Otherwise I would be very hesitant to spend the twenty bucks on this old clunker.