Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Round 1-1.
Lets save the children.
There's a child.
Kick them.
Another goon to hit.
Climbing the stairs.
Cool move.

Genesis version

title screen
stage 1: Club 30
these women try to hold you back for some reason
these are the kids that you have to rescue
what will Michael be without his moves
more style from MJ
you need to search everywhere for the missing children
this monkey tells you where you have to go, when you've rescued all the kids
the baddy..
stage 2: streets
Stage 3: Woods
Michaels special move - a hat throw that gets rid of enemies quick
MJ's specialER move - he can make enemies dance along with him!
..and its not just humans that he can make dance..
..the dance ofcourse kills them..

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Jackson on then a
Window surprise
Hit the Music!
Saving a kid
Plot driven Taunting
Level wrap up