Advertising Blurbs
    World League Soccer '99 combines fast-paced arcade action with immersive gameplay for a realistic and entertaining football experience. There are over 190 teams from 10 different leagues covering all major soccer territories worldwide.

    WLS '99 uses a new skeletal system which can utilise large amounts of fluid motion-captured animation, this also gives the advantage of generating higher resolution players. UV texture mapping has enhanced the player's visual characteristics, enabling muscle tone, facial features and detailed kit design to be applied.


    • Drone Players: computer AI takes control of a player while you move into a good position, you can then decide when to pass
    • Minimum 30 frames per second
    • Dynamic camera intelligence allowing smooth camera paths throughout the game
    • Real-time shadow calculation
    • Four player simultaneous play
    • Waving corner flags & ultra realistic goal net movement
    • Animated crowds

    Contributed by Xoleras (66885) on Jan 12, 2005.