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Genesis 6 3.0
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SNES 5 2.9
Combined User Score 11 2.9

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SNESConsoles Plus (Sep, 1994)
Ce jeu de réflexion en solitaire, très facile, est destiné aux plus jeunes d'entre vous. Vous dirigez, au choix, Minnie ou Mickey dans un jeu très varié qui mettra à l'épreuve votre mémoire et votre jugeote.
GenesisMean Machines (Jun, 1994)
A brilliant one for young children but much too easy for anyone with any half-decent games playing ability.
SNESGame Players (Aug, 1994)
Each of the five problems in Mickey's Ultimate Challenge is unique, requiring a different skill to solve. The game's greatly enhanced by it's three difficult levels: "cake" for kids in grades K-3, "medium" for grades 4-9 and "challenging" for older players. And take it from me, the difference from one skill level to the next makes Mickey's Ultimate Challenge as tough for adults as it is for children.
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge is an original game in the respect that it offers the younger audience a chance at some boggling puzzle games. Although not overly frustrating, in fact quite easy for an older audience, the game does have a certain appeal. You get to meet up with other Disney characters and solve problems they have. This game would make a great addition to a young one's video game library.
I love puzzle games, but I must admit that this one is a bit too easy. Even on the hardest level, the puzzles are simple and lose some of their value. However, there are six unique games like Simon Says and the classic Concentration. The graphics and sounds are decent for the system, but overall it seems to be geared toward a younger audience. It's a good game for puzzle fans, but it may be too easy for veterans.
40 (Sep 17, 2009)
In short, Mickey's Ultimate Challenge is just a bunch of puzzle games tied together by a loose plotline with a slapped on Disney characters. It's good for younger kids as they'll have a little bit of difficulty with the puzzles, but for anyone else I say pass this one on. A very shallow game designed merely for younger children. Trust me, if you are above the age of six, you won't have much fun with this title.
GenesisQuebec Gamers (Dec 24, 2006)
Peut importe qui le jeu veut viser, les jeunes ou les vieux, c'est une véritable honte qu'une compagnie sorte un jeu aussi court que celui-ci, surtout pour la personne qui l'a payé plein prix à l'époque. Les puzzles n'ont rien d'originaux et le jeu semble carrément incomplet. Même qu'à côté de lui, Fantasia est un bijou. Ceux qui ont joué à ce dernier savent que ce n'est pas peu dire!
SNESVideo Games (Jun, 1994)
Ob nun Memory mit 12 oder 24 Karten gespielt wird, selbst ein 5jähriger wird kaum länger als 1 Stunde zum Durchspielen für dieses ultrakurze Spiel benötigen. Wenn Ihr auch sonst nicht wißt, wohin mit Euren Mäusen, dann schmeißt das Geld lieber gleich zum Fenster raus, so braucht Ihr Euch nicht bis zum nächsten Laden zu schleppen.