Advertising Blurbs

Play Magazine (August, 1997):
    Break-neck racing for 1-8 addicts. 48 Head-spinning 3D tracks. 23 Vehicles. Loads of weapons.

    "The Greatest Multi-player game for the PlayStation" PlayStation Plus, 94%

    Starting's easy. Stopping's the hard part.

    Maximum Multi-Player Racing

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2331) on Dec 31, 2006.

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (UK):
    "The greatest multi-player game for the PlayStation" 94% -> PlayStation Plus magazine

    1-8 player total breakneck racing of the fastest scale miniatures, on the wildest 3D modelled tracks, with explosive weapon power-ups - there's nothing like it.

    • 48 courses in 3D
    • Power-ups - hammer, mines, force-field - blitz the opposition
    • Collect, test and gamble special prize cars
    • 1-8 player competitions - Head to Head, Challenge, Time Trial, Keepsies, Teams, and Party Play race modes

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2331) on Jan 01, 2005.

Press Release:

    Micro Machines V3 Goes into 32-bit Overdrive!

    Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 1996 -- With sales fast approaching 750,000 units, the Micro Machines video game brand is one of the most successful names in arcade racing. From a first appearance on the N.E.S. in 1991, Micro Machines has bridged the console generations with Micro Machines V3 set to launch this winter on PlayStation.

    A 2-year long in-house development program from Codemasters, a leading European games publisher, has resulted in a game where the sheer adrenaline factor grips games players by the seat of their pants and takes them for a ride of a lifetime.

    Micro Machines V3 is the ultimate competitive challenge which takes any hardcore racing game fan and, quite literally, cuts them down to size! Miniaturized to become the drivers of the famous scale vehicles that are the Micro Machines toys, up to four simultaneous players have the task of beating up to eight other road maniacs on chaotic circuits around a house and garden packed with obstacles and hazards.

    The dynamic, fluid game play that Micro Machines series of games is renowned for is complemented better than ever before with 50 true 3D-modelled and texture-mapped racing circuits scenarios: Take a spin around the breakfast table littered with milk cartons and syrup spills, try for a dare-devil leap from a dining table onto the floor (avoiding the pet cat!), or hit the gas as you drive around garden paths, quickly leaping into a speedboat to negotiate the garden pond!

    Thirty turbo-charged vehicles are featured, each with distinctive and different performance abilities. Sport cars, formula one cars, power boats, combat tanks, buggies and helicopters are just some of the authentically-modelled vehicles included.

    Micro Machines is famous in Europe as "The most playable game in the world", and Micro Machines 2 received the perfect 100% rating for its outstanding game play from the UK's Gamemaster magazine when it launched in Winter 1994. Two years on and Codemasters delivers Micro Machines V3 - the ultimate multi-layer race experience by which others will be judged.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Apr 22, 2004.

Back of Box - Windows (Benelux release):
    French blurb: Le best-seller Micro Machines V3 déboule sue PC ! Avec plus d'un million de titres Micro Machines vendus, Micro Machines V3 a reçu un acceuil international triophal : Player One 97% - Joypad: 95% - Consoles & Mega Hit: 94% - Playmag: 97% - PlayStation magazine: 5/5

    • Mettez vos compétences de pilote à l'épreuve dans 48 maisons et jardins piégés et truffés de secrets, de raccourcis, et de power-ups!
    • 32 véhicules differents, dont des chars, des voitures de police et des voitures transformables.
    • Power-ups explosifs pour anéantir l'adversaire: marteau, mines, champs de force.
    • Compétitions à un ou plusieurs joueurs, avec les modes de course Challenge, Keepsies, Contre la montre, Compétition, et Jeu de groupe.

    Options Multijoueurs décoiffantes, exclusivement sur PC:

    • Affrontez jusqu'à 7 joueurs en réseau local
    • Option unique permettant à un maximum de 6 joueurs de jouer en même temps sur un seul PC (2 joueurs au clavier, 4 jouers se servant demenettes)

    Dutch blurb: Micro Machines V3, de enorme hit, is nu uit voor PC. Micro Machines werd meer dan 1 miljoen keer verkocht en wereldwijd kreeg Micro Machines V3 alle mogelijke waardering: PC Format: 90% - PlayStation Plus: 94% - Power Unlimited: 91%

    • Scheur over 48 huis- en tuin parcoursen met verrasingen, afsnijroutes, power-ups en vol gevaar!
    • 32 verschillende voertuigen om in te rijden variërend van tanks tot politieauto's en transformerachtige wapens.
    • Explosieve wapen power-ups: hamer, mijnen, krachtvelden om de tegenstanders weg te blazen.
    • Single en multi-player wedstrijden in Challenge, Keepsies, Time Trial, Knockout en Party Play race modes

    De multi-player mogelijkheid is exlusief voor PC ontwikkeld:

    • Race met maximaal 7 deelnemers over een netwerk (LAN)
    • Unieke optie om met 1-6 spelers tegelijkertijd op 1 PC te spelen (1-2 toetsenbord spelers, 1-4 joypad spelers)

    Portugese blurb: O grandioso sucesso Micro Machines V3, agora em PC. Com mais de 1 milhao de jogos de video Micro Machines V vendidos, o Micro Machines V3 recebeu a aclamaçao universal: Essential PlayStation: 5/5 - Play Magazine: 92%

    • Conduçao vigorosa em 48 pistas carregadas de perigos - com muitos segredos, atalhos, reforços de energia e perigos!
    • 32 veiculos diferentes incluindo tanques, carros de policia, carros transmutantes.
    • Explosivos reforços de energia: martelo, minas, campo de forças, para acabar com a comcorrência.
    • Competiçoes individuais e de varios jogadores em modos de corrida Desafio, Vencedor-Detentor, Treino Cronometrado, Final e Jogo de Grupo.

    Caracteristicas revoluncionarias para varios jogadores apenas em PC:

    • Coraa contra até 7 concorrentes através da Rede Local
    • Opçao unica de 1-6 Jogadores em PC simultaneamente (1-2 jogadores em teclado, 1-4 jogadores em joystick)

    Contributed by Sciere (505776) on Aug 21, 2003.