Micro Olympics Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Choose your event.
Which running race?
Throw the javelin.
There it goes.
Long jump.
Soaring through the air.

ZX Spectrum version

This pretty screen displays while the game loads
This is the list of events to choose from
Event 1: Running Each event has its own set of help screens. This is the help screen for running events. Help is accessed as menu option 8
Event 1: Running The first screen offers a selection of distances
The second screen defined the keys that are going to get pummelled
Event 1: Running The start of a race. The computer runs as white and the player as black. The countdown is the traditional Get, Set, Go!
Event 1: Running The computer is very fast and the player may well fall so far behind they are soon off the screen
Event 1: Running At the end of the race the times are posted and another race is offered
Event 2: Discus This is the help screen for the Discus & the Javelin
Event 2: Discus First the player decides on the action key to release the discus
Event 2: Discus First the computer's player warms up. Note the arrow beneath the player, indicating concentration, stays rock steady
Event 2: Discus Then the computer's player throws
Event 2: Discus The player's turn starts with setting the release angle
Event 2: Discus The player must enter the assigned sequence at just the right speed to keep the concentration indicator central
Event 2: Discus Typing too fast has this result
Event 2: Discus Releasing the discus at the wrong time can have disastrous results. This is just one of them.
Event 3: Hammer This event is very similar to the discus. The player must follow a sequence at the right speed, then must release the hammer at the end of the characters spin
Event 4: Javelin Again the first step is to define the action keys. This time there are three.
Event 4: Javelin The computer goes first and, personally, I find it suspicious that they set a new world record on their first throw
Event 4: Javelin The player has to build up running speed by pressing the left / right keys
Event 4: Javelin Once a speed has been established the player must press the 'Throw' key at just the right time. Here it was pressed too soon
Event 5: Long Jump Very similar to the javelin. The player bashes the run keys to achieve some speed and then presses the 'Jump' button when the character reaches the plate
Event 6: High Jump After deciding on what key will trigger the jump the player must enter the height to be attempted.
Event 6: High Jump Then the player repeats a sequence to build up the jumpers concentration. After several rounds the jumper starts to run and the 'Jump' key must be pressed at the right time.
Event 7: Pole Vault Very similar to the High jump. The player sets the height, runs to build up speed, then has to press the 'Vault' button at the right time, (not like this).