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Microchess Screenshots

Apple II version

Starting the game
Setting the intelligence of the computer opponent
Made a move
The computer makes a move
The king piece got put in check

Microchess Screenshots

Commodore PET/CBM version

Title screen
Board starting position
Title screen version 3.0

Microchess Screenshots

TRS-80 version

Title screen; game instructions
Beginning the game
Gameplay; First moves
CHECK!! from computer only 4 moves
CHECK!! from computer again
20min 60 moves getting the upper hand
Trapping computer in corner for the WIN!

Microchess Screenshots

TRS-80 CoCo version

Intro screen
Game Play screen (regular color set)

Microchess Screenshots

Windows version

The starting board positions
Interface instructions
This game is really heating up!
A bold opening gambit (plugged into Winboard)
Mating itself in 21 moves in two seconds under Winboard