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Microcosm Screenshots

3DO version

The future shown in the intro movie.
Interesting super high contrast style.
Title screen
Main menu
Into the body we go.
Steering is automatic, so just concentrate on the shooting.
The micro pod takes damage.
Boss fight.
Eventually you must abandon your pod.
Fighting in your diving suit.
No difference in abilities.
Another boss fight.
Grab powerups for extra firepower.
Fighting another boss.

Microcosm Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen
Starting a new game.
Fighting inside the body.
FMV cutscenes accompany the action.
Walking to the airlock.
Entering your pod.
Selecting a mission.
The brain is sensitive and you can only use a suit while you are in it.
Battling in the brain.

Microcosm Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Early level
FMV between stages..
...smoothly turns into gameplay
Death animation

Microcosm Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Delivery of the Patient
The voices in the intro are dubbed over extremely poorly.
Your first ship.
Early in the first level.
First Boss
Portal Ahead