Advertising Blurbs

back of the box:
    "Flight Simulator is the best program of its type I have seen for the IBM microcomputer... I recomment it to any current, hopeful, or armchair pilot." - Timothy Trimble -- Plane & Pilot

    The world's most popular flight adventure is more true to life than ever before. And now you can build your own aircraft! Create the plane, jet, or sailplane you've always wanted to fly. . . then put it to the test in challenging weather patterns you select as you wing your way to any of 118 airports. And just wait until you see the incredible scenery en route. Microsoft Flight Simulator is so realistic, you may need a pilot's licence. . .

    Fly a Cessna 182, Gates Business Jet, Sopwith Camel, or a Schweizer 2-32 sailplane--or take a spin in an aircraft you've created. Multiple windows let you see an on-screen map of your flying route. And on-screen flight instruction gives you all the navigation skills you'll need to get up and flying!

    Among the many new features you'll find:

    o New! Design and fly your own airplane on screen

    o New! One-of-a-kind sailplane simulator

    o New! Random weather patterns

    o New! More scenery, including planes, fuel trucks, and more.

    o New! The best simulation-display for 80386 based machines.

    Ask for a demonstration today!

    Contributed by jeff leyda (1729) on May 05, 2001.