Microsoft Flight Simulator (v4.0) Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Take-Off - Inside
A Pull-Down Menu
Take-Off - Outside
Flight With a Cesna
Take-off with a Learjet
A experimental Airplane
Create your own airplane
Create your own airplane
Landing - Demo
O'Hare EFIS approach
O'Hare EFIS approach
Balloon buzz
Stormy aircraft carrier approach

Macintosh version

Tower view of Cessna at Meigs Field
Spot plane view of Learjet at Meigs Field with computer-controlled airport traffic
A variety of floating view and control windows
Chicago from above - Learjet cockpit
The maneuver graph helps analyze your flying
Approaching Meigs Field in the Learjet, planetarium on lower left
The Sopwith Camel, a vintage biplane