Microsoft Solitaire Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Good Old Windows Solitaire
Playing alone again.*sigh* (Windows ME)
Solitaire running in XP (Korean)

Windows 3.x version

Starting with a fresh deal (EGA).
After playing for a while (EGA).
New cardback patterns! (EGA)
Hey! The dealer isn't playing straight! He's hidden a card up his sleeve! (EGA)
Game options (EGA)
Did you just see the sun... it... aw, I've been playing this for too long, I'm imagining things! (EGA)
Endgame -- just file them away! (Super VGA)
After all my work to isolate the famous "cascading card deck" winning animation, the screenshot capture button makes it all go away. But this is what you get after game completion. (Super VGA)
Game completed!