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Windows 3.x version

Minesweeper - How to play the game.
Minesweeper - A nice clean starting field on Beginner mode
Minesweeper - So far so good
Minesweeper - Suspected mines marked... what will this square reveal? The happy face is in suspense.
Minesweeper - That good luck couldn't hold out forever!
Minesweeper - Successfully completing a field.
Minesweeper - Congratulations!
Minesweeper - Those guys were so ashamed of their scores...
Minesweeper - A larger minefield, for Intermediate mode
Minesweeper - And for the experts... a still-larger one
Minesweeper - Did you know you can play it in monochrome?
Hearts: Beginning a new game.
Hearts: The players make their initial choice of which cards to pass to another player.
Hearts: Select a card to play.
Hearts: ...Curiously, I got a perfect score, even though I don't even know the rules and I've been choosing cards completely at random. I wonder what are the odds of that...
Solitaire: Beginning of the game.
Solitaire: The 12 card backs available.
Solitaire: Hang on, buddy... what's that you have in your sleeve?
Solitaire: Playing in Vegas mode.
Solitaire: The in-game options.