Microsoft Windows XP (included games) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Graphics displayed when FreeCell is won
FreeCell game in progress.
Each time you access one of the "internet" games, this screen appears (unless you turn it off).
Starting an Internet Backgammon game
Internet Checkers new game screen
Internet Hearts start
An Internet Reversi game in progress
Internet Reversi - Black Wins (I lost)
The beginning of a new Internet Spades game
Starting a Space Cadet pinball game
Space Cadet Player Controls
Pinball Table Components (screenshot included in the Pinball directory when installed)
A game of Hearts in progress
Minesweeper: Level completed - Beginner Level
Minesweeper - Level failed: Beginner (Korean)
Just when you think you're doing good.
Can Minesweeper illustrate your life? Expert level, flawless run, stumbled just a moment before winning...
Select your difficulty level (Spider Solitaire)
The Spider logo on the "About Spider" screen
A Solitaire game in progress
Solitaire deck selections
Backgammon pop-up shown after winning game.
Flawless victory!