Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
From the intro: Crodo tells the background story - with digitized speech.
Character generation. Creating an excellent ninja is hard, ardous work...
Indoor battle: Ridding the city of Vertigo of slimes and Breeders.
City battle: Ghosts infest Winterkill. They can only be killed by magic.
Cave battle: The Red Dwarf Mines are crawling with spiders.
Dungeon battle: Undead await in the Dungeon of Terror.
Outdoor battle: Typical. Once you try to rest, insects are all about.
Ranged battle: Roasting sprites with a fireball. While swimming.
Hot battle: Lava golems can destroy weapons with their flame attack.
Battle above ground: Clouds of Xeen is true to its name.
In between battles: Checking out loot in your inventory.
Underway to new battles: The automap helps you find your bearing.
After battle: Healing up in a temple.
Magical battle: This lovely lady is a little too hot for your party.
Heavy battle: The Yang Knights in Rivercity are a real challenge for inexperienced heroes.
Wet battle: The Cave of Illusion is flooded.
Precious battle: This diamond golem ought to be treasure!
Spoils of war: Dungeons are full of treasure. And enemies. And ominous scrolls.
Wrestling with words: Obviously, poetry is a dead art in Xeen.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Crodo telling the backstory through Japanese subtitles
Another title screen
Main menu
Who says money doesn't grow on trees?
Talking with some guy
Nice tavern ya got here
Whatda you want?
Fighting some orcs
Game over screen. Hey Lord Xeen, the 1980s and Cameo called, they want their red codpiece back.

PC-98 version

Nice logo! :) Rarrrr! :)
Title screen A
Title screen B
Nice image...
Starting point
Party list
Handy automap!
Typical interior design
Fighting a slime!
Dialogue itnerface
Battle against two orcs
It was dark, I could only see some enemies wandering around... fresh air... life was good...
Mountains. Dungeon entrance
Exploring a dungeon
Strange device...
Character menu
Found a treasure chest!
Game Over...