Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Company logo
Title screen
Main menu
Game start

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Menu screen
Credits screen
In-game shot

DOS version

Title Screen
NWC logo
Main Options
Create New Characters
A fantastic adventure awaits you...
Far and away...
Be prepare to fight!
Remember: it's not piracy if it's a backup copy! ;)
Transferring characters and uh... watching a bald guy in shorts dance around (??)
Hey baby! Taverns sure have improved around here!
Back in the dungeons... (notice the Wizard Eye spell at work)
Visiting a temple for some healing
A quest!
Oops... Encounter!
The good old fight screen, now with pictures!
The first time is always the sweetest
Eat hot magic death you cross-dressing thief!!
Quick-reference screen
Character screen w/spellbook
Fools?? Is this for real??
Dammit! Not again!!

Genesis version

developer logo screen
Main Menu
Create your own character from a list of options
Choose the members of your party
The game begins inside an inn
What would you know!
Explore the outside to find various people and places
A drinks sounds kinda good right about now
I don't know, he looks kinda scary
Watch the gold limit
Go back to the inn to change your party
Come here if you want to practise and gain some experience
Your first mission, of sorts
Go down to find some creatures to kill
the sub menu has a list of options to choose from
a first encounter
the enemy attacks
you can choose to clean the cart of all save games
nice gold ya got there
finally, a victory to be proud of
you can either fight or run away, it's your choice

Macintosh version

Starting the game
Store menu
Meeting the unicorn

PC-88 version

Title screen
Party screen
World map
Town exploration
Camp screen
You attempt to bash the wall with your head. To your amazement, you discover that both are equally solid. You repeat the procedure with renewed interest
In the temple
Training grounds
Town center
You meet some people on the street
Finally, there is an organization that supports Israel!.. :) Oh wait, it's just a magic guild :(
I TOLD you we had to bring 6 life vests... and you said: "Nah, we are adventurers, for sure we can swim!"...
I have a creepy feeling...
Yay! We won!
Don't be such fools :)

PC-98 version

Title screen
List of characters
World map
Typical city navigation
Character menu
Good to know! :)
Dungeon entrance
Bar... Interesting choices :)
Magic guild. Easy, old man :)
We won!
Peaceful scenery
Again: good to know!
The nearly dead party tackles a lone shaman...
...and that's what happens
Large battle against undead

SNES version

Opening screen
In the beginning, you are greated by the spirit of Corak.
Exploring one of large cities
In the wilderness
A wizard who has a quest for you.
The map can be zoomed in or out.
Stumbling over a bunch of rats
In a tavern
Viewing a character
Combat - you can only see one enemy at a time but you will often be outnumbered by your enemies.
Meeting your Guardian Pegasus
Legal info
Developer info