Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Loading screen
Main menu
The demons in the introduction sequence
Look carefully in the environments, sometimes there are paths that are hidden. Tap the spots to move around or swipe in the general direction.
The demons attack the village.
Victory screen for Anwen
Choosing a special artifact. Only one can be equipped.
The opponent has some tough characters to toy with.
Versus screen. Click edit to define the loadout.
The master demon is not happy.
Tapping three times to view the numbers that define health.
The elves and the humans bond.
Army screen with regular units, special units and champion units. When you are out, you can always buy new ones.
Sometimes battles have special conditions such as here, where you need to protect the seed on your side at any cost. Use lots of walls!
The tree is one of my champion units, but it takes a lot of turns before it becomes active.
Godric is the character in the second of five campaigns, each with a different race so you get to try all units.
Godric goes back to his castle.
An early battle with the humans: all regular units here.
A short puzzle section
Looking for a puzzle challenge in the tavern
An arena tournament
The third part of the campaign has Fiona as the protagonist.

iPad version

Main Menu
Intro sequence
Anwen Dialog
Heading out of camp
Battle vs
Move units to make rows
Defend against enemy attacks
Heading into trouble
Loading screen
3 units next to each other creates a wall
Delivering the final blow
Remove units from lineups
4 stacks ready to attack
Campaign progress

Nintendo DS version

The title screen
You can play the campaign, practice in single player, or go online to play against your friends.
A quick look at the world of Ashan...
...where the Demon Hordes of Sheogh threaten the existence of all...
The introduction to the first character you'll control, Anwen.
As you progress through the campaign, new units will join your cause.
You spend the first few battles learning the mechanics of battle.
Winning battles will give both your units and your hero experience points
Another glorious victory for the elves!
Him? Yeah, he's evil.
The story will progress both with in game dialogue and the occasional beautifully drawn cutscene.
In single battle mode, you can pick a character and practice playing with the CPU.
Once you earn more units in the campaign mode, you can start customizing your army to suit your style of play.
Artifacts will give your heroes special abilities that can be utilized in battle.
A quick rundown of the battle that's about to take place.
At higher levels, the screen gets pretty crowded...
Break the enemy's defensive line, and your attacking units will deal damage directly to the enemy hero.

Windows version

Main Menu
Intro cutscene - Ashan, the world of Might & Magic
Intro cutscene - the mysterious Blade of Binding
The prologue serves as a tutorial
Introducing Anwen, the Elf
Adventure phase
The tutorial teaches you the basics of the combat system
Each character has its own ability
Choosing my troops for the upcoming battle. Some creatures must be unlocked by playing the campaign mode.
The battle begins, Anwen versus Cyrus the Wizard
Many creatures have special abilities, for instance the Djinns can freeze your creatures
The Dragon attacks!
Another battle: Fiona versus Aidan
Fiona is the leader of the Undead, while Aidan fights with Demons
Using Fiona's unique ability: the Blood Ritual
Aidan has a power of his own, causing a lot of damage
Godric the Knight versus Nadia the Wizard
The Griffin's turn to act has finally come
This is going to hurt...