Mike Ditka Ultimate Football Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Now where's that stupid code wheel?
Main menu.
I always pick Green Bay. Only because Keen wears their helmet.
Goofing around with the play book.
The coin toss.
I called tails! Yes!
I will receive.
The kick off.
Oh man here they come. I hope I figured out the controls!
Ok, scramble!
1st down on the 14 yard line, if I only knew how to move.
This replay camera looks almost 3D!
The rear view cam.
Picking out my plays.
Hut hut hut!
The playoff grid.
Practice menu.
A field goal attempt.
It's good!
It's not good!

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Choosing a team
Setting the difficulty level
Kicking off
Choosing a receiver
Shotgun formation
The ball flies towards the receiver...
... and touchdown!
Field goals and conversions have all the same screen, regardless of distance (shown in the bottom left corner)
Defending against split backs
The player has a few moments to read the blockers and choose the best return path
Coach Ditka giving his comment on Da Bearsss
Playoff tree