Milon's Secret Castle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen and main menu (Japanese version)
Title screen and main menu (US version)
Game start!
Starting location
Jumping (for joy?)
Firing my weapon
I entered the first door.
I lost all my energy and died.
Game over
I entered the second door, an item shop. Hints are free.
I entered the third door.
Some of these enemies fire back.
If you hang around outside too long, these will attack and I can't kill them.

NES version

Title screen
Title (Japanese)
This is probably the most unspectacular Game Over screen I have ever seen
Go, Milonsky!
Entering a level
Nice to meet you, I'm sure
Stay outside for too long and you won't be safe any more
Musical bonus level where the player can earn a lot of spending cash
The store
A door appears when Milon shoots bubbles into the air
A miniboss, the first of many
Higher up in the secret castle
Milon heads down a well
Milon battling through the dark well
This fire monster provides its own light down in the dark well
A furry miniboss
Milon summons bubbles to raise him back to the surface
Sort of a pterodactyl boss
Staging an assault of the tower portion of the secret castle
Melting the ice bricks by standing on them, working down the tower
Descending the tower, avoiding the electric shock
Same miniboss, different color
Fighting through another part of the castle
Sort of a bat-themed miniboss
It looks like a long jump but there are secret blocks if Milon knows where to shoot bubbles
She claims to be the princess...
...but it's a trap
Descending down the tower for a long time
A skeleton miniboss
Finally reached the top of the castle
The final part of the castle

Official Screenshots

  • Milon's Secret Castle Screenshot
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  • Milon's Secret Castle Screenshot
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  • Milon's Secret Castle Screenshot
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