Mirror's Edge Screenshots

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iPhone version

The now infamous footprint logo.
Welcome back, Mirror's Edge.
The main menu (advertising optional).
The all important copyright info.
In game reports give you a rundown of the story at hand.
Limbering up for a run.
And we're off!
A quick tutorial on the controls of the game.
Jumping over the flashing red box of doom.
Taking a nap under the flashing red box of doom.
Walls? Not a problem for our hero.
I wonder what Callaghan would think knowing someone's running all over their shiny orange logo.
In indoor locations, the save points are cameras.
Another cut scene, of sorts.
Jumping towards the awaiting red pole.
The world would be so much cooler with zip lines everywhere.
I wonder how you get that one?
Slip sliding along roof tops.
Ah, there's one!
Angry copter not like silly runner. Copter smash!
Checking the surroundings before taking to the bad guys.
A swift kick to the head should do the trick.
Guns don't kill people, bullets do.
Sounds more like a Halo achievement.
Do you trip like I do?
This rooftop ain't big enough for the both of us.
Chasing the 'other' bad guys.
Stuck between a pole and a vent.
It's actually more fun than it sounds, especially linking moves together in rapid succession.
Ha! Beat that, clock lords.