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Mission: Impossible

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Good! PlayStation EboMike (3009)
A horrible port of a great game PlayStation MegaMegaMan (2216)
Bad! PlayStation Ben Fahy (73)

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Platform Votes Score
Nintendo 64 15 3.4
PlayStation 12 3.3
Combined MobyScore 27 3.4

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Nintendo 64GamePro (US)
In the end, Mission offers so much more than just the sum of it's graphics and sound. It's a fun game with clever twists and thoughtful puzzles that will keep your brain as entertained as your trigger finger. It's not GoldenEye. You'll find Mission: Impossible stands alone as a smart shooter with attitude...if you choose to accept it.
Nintendo 64Super Play
Med tanke på alla svårigheter och motgångar som produktionsteamet har stött på under utvecklingen kan man konstatera att Infogrames har lyckats med det omöjliga. De skruttiga prototyperna som hittills visats upp har inte mycket med den färdiga produkten att göra och den som köper Mission: Impossible idag kan räkna med att få rejält mycket för pengarna. Det bästa av allt är att Infogrames verkligen har lyckats väva in den klassiska Mission: Impossible-stämningen i spelet, vilket ger det precis den krydda det behöver. Mission: Impossible är det kompletta filmspelet och dessutom ett av de bästa spelen som har kommit till Nintendo 64 över huvud taget.
Nintendo 64Consoles Plus
Le mélange action/réflexion est parfaitement dosé. L'aventure se révèle originale et passionnante. Quelques défauts techniques.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy
Basically, this game tries to let the player live the life of a super-spy as realistically as possible. And it succeeds as completely as any game has up to this point. Everyone who has been searching for a game that effectively balances action and strategy must buy this game. Even if you haven't been searching for this type of game, you should buy Mission: Impossible, because once you have it you'll realize that you actually have been searching for it. My only warning is that you should get this game when you have some free time, because any other commitments that you may have in your life will quickly be reprioritized once you begin to live the life of Ethan Hunt.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Eigenlijk is Mission: Impossible de eerste echte tegenhanger van Goldeneye. Over de gehele lengte gezien is M:I zeker niet even sterk als die classic, maar wel kan gezegd worden dat ie garant zal staan voor vele uren speelplezier.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Nicht ohne Grund hat sich Mission: Impossible sofort nach Erscheinen an die Spitze der amerikanischen Verkaufs-Charts gesetzt. Dieses Spiel macht einfach richtig Spaß und sollte bei keinem Action-Strategiefan im Regal fehlen.
Nintendo 64Game Play 64
En définitive, adressons un « bravo » à Infogrames car ce jeu marquera assurément la N64 vu l'intérêt qu'il procure.
Nintendo 64X64
L'attente aura été d'autant plus longue que le résultat n'est pas à la hauteur. Mission : Impossible est un jeu particulièrement intéressant, très riche, mais qui propose une réalisation vraiment trop pauvre...
Nintendo 64Gamezilla
If you are looking for a decent action game to play through one time, Mission: Impossible is worth a look. I really thought that it was a neat idea to make killing a second or third option in some situations instead of blazing guns at all times. I think that the game was a bit too structured and finding the objectives was made to be too easy. Once you locate an objective it will be easy to find again if you die during the level or if you want to play through again. I will say this, the game was pretty fun to play through that first time and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. You could do a whole lot worse than this game but at $60, you may wish for a little more.
PlayStationSuper Play
Men trots de små förbättringarna är Mission: Impossible till PlayStation en hopplös satsning. Infogrames var sent ute redan förra året, men nu finns det verkligen ingen större anledning att bry sig om det här spelet längre. Speciellt inte med tanke på att nästa Mission: Impossible-film är tänkt att vara färdig redan nästa år. Dessutom har tekniken gått framåt enormt på senare tid och det spel som Infogrames började att utveckla för tre år sedan står sig definitivt slätt mot dagens spel, trots att X-Ample Architectures har bemödat sig med att finslipa det. Det finns många tredimensionella äventyrsspel i den här stilen som är mer värda pengarna än Mission: Impossible.
Nintendo 64Power Unlimited
Mission: Impossible is een spel dat perfekt had kunnen zijn maar er dankzij een aantal suffe levels helaas niet in slaagt om de naaste concurrentie zoals Goldeneye af te schudden. Voor de ultieme spy simulator blijf ik in ieder geval hopen op Metal Gear Solid.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine
If you enjoy trial-and-error and puzzle-solving type play, this game can be a refreshing change from first-person shooters or platform action. Once you've figured out the puzzle, though, there's little challenge. The replay value is limited. It's not what trigger-happy GoldenEye fans are expecting.
Nintendo 64Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Another aspect of this game that I have not mentioned yet is that it feels too short. I was really enjoying myself when the game ended somewhat abruptly. Perhaps the long development schedule was too much and the publisher decided over two years was long enough, and shipped the game. With all of the faults in this game it’s a wonder it scores as high as it does, but this is a prime example of the sum of the parts being more than the individual pieces. Sometimes I get too caught up in the idiosyncrasies of graphics, gameplay, and interface and lose sight of what is really important: is the game fun? Mission: Impossible is fun, and worth playing to any gamer longing for more action and adventure. It may not be what Goldeneye is, but heck, what is?
Nintendo 64Thunderbolt Games
Still, there’s something implicitly likeable here. Mission: Impossible is a good game in the way Tom Cruise is a good actor. Sporadic yet enjoyable in a way that isn’t quantifiable and when broken into parts, may no longer seem reasonable. However, I still keep going back to the game, reliving the years when I didn’t know any better and might’ve called Mission: Impossible a pretty good film. And over a decade later – despite knowing better – I still think this is a relatively solid game. The mistake most people made coming into this was expecting that it would be comparable to Goldeneye, an unfair standard considering that this is a stealth/action-adventure title, rather than an FPS. Now that the 007 expectation no longer has a hold, Mission: Impossible is well-worth a second look.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide
Mission: Impossible is the newest game in the ever-growing spy thriller genre. The key is that you must realize this game is not and was not meant to be the next GoldenEye 007. It's also one of those games that won't be critically well-received but will be commercially well-received, if only because of the strength of its license, although it does an admirable job of living up to it. Without a multi-player mode, the replay value won't be through the roof, but it's no worse than any other one-player game. So even though some levels are great while others suck, the control is less than desired, and it didn't match the overly ambitious original design, Mission: Impossible is clever enough and fun enough to warrant a long, hard look.
Beaucoup de qualités et autant de faiblesses pour Mission Impossible sur PlayStation. D'une part, une trame qui vaut vraiment le coup dans une ambiance crédible et d'autre part un jeu manquant véritablement de souffle dans ses graphismes et dans ses contrôles.
Nintendo 64Game Revolution
If you're itching for some more head-shooting, double-fisted RPC-90 Goldeneye action, I'd suggest you wait for Perfect Dark, as Mission: Impossible will leave you impossibly unfulfilled. Granted, a superb offering like Goldeneye is a tough act to follow, and while Infogrames' valiant effort falls a bit short of the mark, it is still a decent game worth some of your time.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
Mission: Impossible is a very inconsistent game - some levels are great, and some just aren't any fun at all. But overall, most of the game is challenging and fun. Anyone who enjoyed the spy aspect of GoldenEye, with the gadgets and the sneaking around, should definitely give Mission: Impossible a try.
Nintendo 64IGN
I do suggest you check this game out, mainly because it boasts a lot of originality, two difficulty modes, and a fair number of enjoyable missions. But the control problems, lack of balance and repetitive gameplay will turn off the majority of gamers spoiled by games like GoldenEye or Metal Gear. Even with its flaws, I'm glad Infogrames/Ocean finally finished the project and got it out the door (I'm sure the game's programmers are, too). Let's hope that the follow-up title will be designed from scratch, with all new technology and engines -- but retains the same level of originality. A good, challenging rental (especially on its "Impossible" difficulty setting) for one player.
If you're a huge fan of Mission: Impossible, the game is worth a single play through. But, only a single play through. After going through the game once, there's really no need (and you'll likely have no desire) to play the game again.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Land
So, is there any reason left to give Mission: Impossible a chance? Hardly. If you really, really dig the movie, this might be worth a look. Rent it for a weekend to chuckle your head off at the silly moments if you must, but otherwise you'd better forget this ever existed. And with Perfect Dark around, Infogrames will probably hope you -do- forget about this embarassingly shoddy game. Especially after boasting that this below-par shambles was more anticipated than Zelda
Nintendo 64Just Games Retro
…And in that last paragraph lies most of my disappointment with what Mission: Impossible turned out to be. We were promised a wide-open experience, unlike anything we’d ever seen or played before, where creative problem solving was the order of the day…but, instead, we got a rather linear action game with a handful of wrinkles and the name of a successful movie behind it…however, if you went into this without crazy high expectations like I had, you’d probably at least have a bit of fun with it, and most likely wouldn’t notice most of the problems with it, unless you were looking. Ultimately, despite the wide gap between expectations and reality, it’s not a terrible game, and in the fifteen years since its release, I’ve made my peace with it and learned to appreciate it for what it is.
Nintendo 64Gamer's Pulse
All in all, Mission Impossible is a fair game, but not one to be played while in a bad mood. The game play takes some getting used to, and the whole “go here, do this” system can really get on one’s nerves. Perhaps the most annoying part is the fact that once the game gets your blood boiling, there really isn’t all that much you can do to make yourself feel better. Sometimes with frustrating games, killing yourself in creative ways can prove a great stress reliever. I like to call it the Sim City principle, in that when frustrated with your megalopolis, saving the game and calling in some (un)natural disasters could really lighten the mood. This principle transfers over to many ‘a game, but just didn’t help with Mission Impossible. It’s not a game I would recommend, unless you happen to be a great fan of the movie or the old series.
Mission: Impossible for the Playstation has a few things going for it. It is a long game, with a lot of levels, and has a nice quick save feature during levels. It just can’t come close to the standards set by other console spy games. Even if you’ve liked other games in this genre, you should definitely rent this game before buying it.
Nintendo 64Retroage
W Mission Impossible zaskakuje całkiem dobra grywalność, która zazwyczaj kuleje w grach na podstawie filmu. W tym przypadku warto na to zwrócić uwagę, ponieważ Hoolywood ustawiło poprzeczkę wyjątkowo wysoko. Szkoda tylko, że oprawa audiowizualna nie jest lepsza, bo mógł być z tego niezły hit. A tak? Po raz kolejny uraczono nas średnią grą na podstawie świetnego filmu. Nic straconego, bowiem fani kupią grę bez zastanowienia, tym bardziej, że rozgrywka jest naprawdę całkiem przyjemna, a gier tego typu na konsoli Nintendo 64 jest jak na lekarstwo. Na koniec pozostaje jedynie uronić łezkę nad sequelem, który nie doczekał się ukończenia. Mission Impossible 2, bo o nim mowa, został niestety skreślony z listy wydawniczej Infogrames w 2000 roku.
I played the Mission Impossible demo last year at the European Computer Trade Show, so I had a good grasp of the handling in the game. At first play I found the whole control system tricky to pick up since, as in Syphon Filter, you use nearly all the buttons, but once memorized, it became quite natural, and I did not have to think about it too much.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
If you’ve played Mission Impossible on the N64, you have no reason whatsoever to play it on the PSX as there is nothing new that impacts the gameplay, but if you missed it on the N64 and are curious about what you’ve lost as a result, let me tell you that you’re not missing much. As well designed as the missions are, they often end up being more of an exercise in frustration than anything else, and while hardcore fans of the television show and movie might be interested in running around in Ethan’s shoes for a while, most others should just stay away.
Visually, while the graphics are crisp, textures range from mundane to horrific, and it has the same fogging as the N64 version - why would that be, exactly? This doesn't necessarily harm the game, but it's one of those things that, were it better, you probably would be more forgiving of some of the other annoyances. As it is, Mission Impossible is a so-so romp through spydom that feels far too much like a missed opportunity.
Overall, Mission Impossible for the PlayStation isn't a bad game, and it's certainly better than its N64 counterpart, but compared with more recent spy games for the PlayStation, it just doesn't stand up. Even if you really enjoy the genre and have already played Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, and Tomorrow Never Dies, you should still consider renting Mission Impossible before buying.