Mixed-Up Mother Goose Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Name and choose your character
Goodnight! Don't let the evil monsters in the closet get you!
Flying off to Mother Goose Land on a goose.
Hence the name of the game...
Hello Mother Goose!
Characters will tell you what they want in order to fix their rhymes.
Found a pie out in the countryside... Too bad that doesn't happen in real life.
Little Bo Peep needs to find her sheep.
Apparently, Miss Muffet suffers from a bad case of arachnophobia.
Jack and Jill need their pail - or they will fail! (See that little rhyme that I made?)
Wait until the housing authority hears about that!
Bringing Peter Pumpkin Eater's wife home.
The epic saga of a Pumpkin Eater unfolds... You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss 10 bucks goodbye...
At Banbury Cross... The nursery rhyme that is the most obscure in the game.
Walking around Mother Goose Land.
Outside a home! OPEN UP! This is the IRS! We know you're in there!
Hello! Do you know where to find the Star Generator? Oops! Wrong Sierra game!
Outside the clock shop.
Inside the clock shop.
The Crooked Man.
Inside the Crooked Man's house.
These guys apparently need to get their eyes checked.
Outside the castle.
Old King Cole.
Jack needs his candlestick.
A missing dog case.
That's the second biggest shoe that I've seen!
The Old Woman who lives in a shoe.
Near the school house.
Mary and the schoolhouse.
Good to see that high level education is offered here.
In the middle of the woods at night... Thankfully this isn't King's Quest IV!
A cat, the moon and a cow...
That might not be the best idea, Humpty.
Little Tommy Tucker.

DOS version

Title screen (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Selecting a character (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Part of the introduction sequence (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
The rhymes are all mixed up! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Here's a character who lost an item (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Ah, the old woman who lived in a shoe! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
The nursery rhyme plays when you return an item (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Wow, a giant pumpkin! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Exploring the lands (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Hmm, who lives in this house? (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
A picture of the item you need to find (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Hmm, now where can a pail be found? (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Talk to characters to find out what they need (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Humpty Dumpty needs a ladder (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Visit the castle (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Uh oh, a spider frightens Miss Muffet! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Even the king is missing something (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
I found a quaint little house (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
I located a mouse (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
This sure is a crooked old house (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Hmm, the path splits off into two directions here (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The old woman who lived in a shoe (CGA)
You need to find a little dog somewhere (CGA)
The game begins at Mother Gooses house (CGA)
Hmm, a giant pumpkin! (CGA)
Where would a breadknife go? (CGA)
The mouse runs up the clock... (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
It's a giant pumpkin! (Hercules Monochrome)
A picture of the item you need to find (Hercules Monochrome)
Humpty Dumpty needs a ladder (Hercules Monochrome)
Inside Mother Goose's home.
The giant pumpkin is the only "house" where no item is ever placed - otherwise you could get stuck because you can't reenter it after the wife returns.
Inside the crooked house - quite a cosy place anyway
The castle from a distance
I like this house most - it's a pity you can't go there, it's "just for decoration".
The cat and the fiddle - well, tigers are orange and not yellow, but due to his size I always considered him quite tiger-like (and "normal" cats just don't compare to tigers ;)).
"I" have the medal from Mother Goose, but "my mum" will surely tell me it was all a dream...