Mixed-Up Mother Goose Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Selecting a character (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Part of the introduction sequence (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
The rhymes are all mixed up! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Here's a character who lost an item (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Ah, the old woman who lived in a shoe! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
The nursery rhyme plays when you return an item (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Wow, a giant pumpkin! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Exploring the lands (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Hmm, who lives in this house? (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
A picture of the item you need to find (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Hmm, now where can a pail be found? (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Talk to characters to find out what they need (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Humpty Dumpty needs a ladder (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Visit the castle (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Uh oh, a spider frightens Miss Muffet! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Even the king is missing something (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
I found a quaint little house (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
I located a mouse (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
This sure is a crooked old house (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Hmm, the path splits off into two directions here (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The old woman who lived in a shoe (CGA)
You need to find a little dog somewhere (CGA)
The game begins at Mother Gooses house (CGA)
Hmm, a giant pumpkin! (CGA)
Where would a breadknife go? (CGA)
The mouse runs up the clock... (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
It's a giant pumpkin! (Hercules Monochrome)
A picture of the item you need to find (Hercules Monochrome)
Humpty Dumpty needs a ladder (Hercules Monochrome)
Inside Mother Goose's home.
The giant pumpkin is the only "house" where no item is ever placed - otherwise you could get stuck because you can't reenter it after the wife returns.
Inside the crooked house - quite a cosy place anyway
The castle from a distance
I like this house most - it's a pity you can't go there, it's "just for decoration".
The cat and the fiddle - well, tigers are orange and not yellow, but due to his size I always considered him quite tiger-like (and "normal" cats just don't compare to tigers ;)).
"I" have the medal from Mother Goose, but "my mum" will surely tell me it was all a dream...