Moebius: Empire Rising

Moebius: Empire Rising Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
E-Comic serves as prequel to the game
Malachi Rector, the protagonist
Each of the seven chapters is preceded by chapter screen
In Rector's Antiques, walk-ins walk out once they notice the prices
Malachi's associates: Gretchen manages day-to-day affairs of Rector's Antiques
Malachi's associates: Signor Barozzi is an Italian antiquities dealer
Emotionally distant Malachi
From the very beginning, Malachi keeps popping pills
Surrounded by priceless antiquities everywhere
The game employs close-up shots of various important details
Which of the necklaces is the right one?
During the 2000s Jane Jensen wrote a number of hidden object games, though Moebius remains a traditional point-and-clicker
Example of a map screen: currently we have only three places to go
Malachi is a cell phone heavy-user
Cell phone keeps contacts within easy reach: phone them or send a text message
Cell phone allows Malachi to perform web searches
Each analysed person is given their own folder in Malachi's cell phone for information tracking
Comparing facts of life of various historical and contemporary figures
Malachi has a keen eye for analysing people
However, he excels at analysing objects with his photographic memory
Analysis interface
Comparing details of historical artefacts with known facts of similar items
Let me introduce myself: you do not have sufficient security clearance to know the details
The game has cinematic aspirations in its presentation: a close-up of dialogue partner
A rather unusual cinematic angle of a conversation
Interrogating witnesses takes much of Malachi's time
Venetian murder bridge