Mole Mole 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Main menu
Stage 1
Overview of stage 1; can you read the message?
Let the blocks fall down so you can reach the papaya
Reached the exit
Level clear
The papayas on the floor should be picked last of all
Stage 2 in overview
Burrowing into the tree to pick the bananas
Level overview
I can't get up and give up
On children's stage 4, and once again with no exit
Going from stage to stage
Don't ask me how you'd ever get out from this
Game over

PC-88 version

Title screen
Main menu
Level editor
First stage
Ahh, more fruits...
Looks like I'm stuck, with a pear on my head :)
No, you don't understand. Your goal, beside reaching the door, involves actually eating all those fruits :)
Some levels have beautiful arrangements!..
So here I was standing in darkness, wielding the power sword of the ancient demons... wait... that's a wrong game
This is pure PEROMANIA!!..
Scattered kiwis... how sad...
Oh, wow... I'm drooling already...
Hey, it ain't me who dug them burrows... I swear!..
Prepare for a dangerous journey...
Looks like two islands...
Wow, now THIS looks truly amazing...
Beware of the stones...
What?! Such an advanced level, and so few fruits??!..
This is getting complicated...
Hey, where are all the other fruits?!..
Penultimate level. Extreme complexity