Montezuma's Return Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title sequence
Main menu
The temple looms ahead...
A familiar face comes up (and down)
Clambering up a mightily sturdy rope
Attack of the mutant rat
The level exit is guarded by this chest-thumping halfwit.
Waste him, and get the loot!
End-of-level stats.
A jumping puzzle... one of many.
Monte takes a cue from Frogger.
Taking a swing at Wolverine-Cat.
Two down - one to go...
Acrobatic action abounds
Hanging onto an... ancient Aztec flying machine?
That's one famished-looking big cat.
It's Mayan mayhem for this masked freak.
Can't get any fresher than this!
Swimming gets you a live-action view of your lungs.
Monte finds the time for a resigned shrug while burning to death.
More platform jumping - now with giant swinging blades!
How badly do you want these crystals?
The bundled prequel, packaged with an emulator, is actually the original Atari prototype(!) version.

Windows version

Starting location
A bird is attacking
Climbing a rope
Moving platforms
Nice lighting effects
The first boss
The exit of the first level
Better avoid that hammer!
Nice architecture
Close combat
Hope you have a head for heights!