Monty Python's Flying Circus Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
The gumby loses all his pieces of brain in the first cutscene
Time your step carefully when moving under the weights
The mad machines remove your human body and replace it with that of a fish
There are different types of food to pick up which both give health and points bonuses
Avoid the flying feet of death or you could shoot them
The spanish inquisitions first weapon is suprise
Vicious gangs of keep left signs float up the screen
Shoot at the blocks in your path to proceed
The first boss you come up against fires in all directions
Beware of the cats they are actually proximity mines in a furry disguise
The infamous minister of silly walks appears
The hump looks similar to conrad pooh and his amazing dancing teeth
The second boss is what appears to be a mammoth that shoots thumbs at you
At the end of each level you see what food you've collected during the level and its spat into a hole while the old lady shouts out the names of the food
The bonus game involves you winning an argument by saying yes it is or no it isn't in the right order
Here come the machines again and this time they've turned you into a chicken
Don't be fooled by the cherubs they are evil
The fridge spits out workmen which attack you
The third boss looks like a cowboy chicken
Even cute hedgehogs are after your blood in this game
The grand Spanish Inquisitor appears and throws pillows at you

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
The game counts down your score from a certain number, so the lower your score, the better you did.
Evading the 16t drops
Playing as Gumby-fish chimaera
Boss fight
Beware the vicious "Turn left" signs.
As I had played another port before, I expected the Spanish Inquisition.
Back to the standard Gumpy

Atari ST version

Title screen.
Start of the game.
Falling weights.
Playing as a fish.
Moving to another part of the level.
A boot now.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
First level
Dead parrots dropping
This part is really fishy
The Spanish Inquisition attacks with cushions.
Level completed
Level 2 raises the absurdity.
These kittens explodes if you come too close.
And now to a bony design

DOS version

Between levels and segments of levels these animations occur.
That bush follows you around this level.
Your armament? Fish.
Getting changed into a fish.
Avoiding the dead parrots.
The enemies get stranger and stranger.
Game over.
I scored a top score...I think.
High scores.
A boss fight.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
The copy protection screen asks you to name the cheeses
You need to time your step carefully or the weight will drop on your head
When you jump in the water you turn into a fish
The flying feet of death need to be avoided or shot at all costs
You need to shoot the yellow blocks away in order to progress
The first boss you come up against shoot bullets in all directions
The end of level statistics screen
Watch out for the vicious gangs of keep left signs
Spam restores your badly depleted energy bar
The infamous minister of silly walks also appears later on in the game