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AmigaThe One
YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE IN for a less than serious time as soon as the intro sequence loads and the thigh-slappin' hillbilly banjo music kicks out from your speakers. But unfortunately the game never quite lives up to this early promise. It's not that this twist on the classic Chase HQ theme fails to raise a smile - quite the opposite in fact - it's just that the action itself never quite generates anything like the excitement that pushing an old flatbed truck to escape the chubby arms of the law should do.
This game is certainly different. My only gripe is that it takes quite a while to earn enough money to soup up the truck for some really fast action. But, hey, it's nice to be on the wrong side of the law for a change.
AmigaAmiga Format
Moonshine combines all the various elements of a standard race game, plus a whole bag more, but it never makes the classic grade. For all the extras the car never gets stunningly fast. The theme is amusing, and has been used well by the designer, but it doesn't exactly scream "play me". However, this can't stop Moonshine (the game not the drink) being fun. It's full of character and is reasonably frantic, employing new motives to get you hacking through the backroads of backwoods America. Drawing on the cultural myth of moonshine runners gives the race game formula new life and a fresh face.
Atari STST Format
Moonshine Racers adds a novel angle to a tired genre. You actually have to aim for something rather than just beat the clock or another racing opponent. This means you're bound to care more about the outcome of the game and thus try harder to beat it. You don't start back on the first level when you die either - you have three lives. You can even improve your truck with add-ons. All this makes Racers far more interesting than other racing sims. It's not an exceptional game but you're more likely to want to beat it than give up in despair - and that has to be a good sign.
AmigaAmiga Action
For me everything was a bit of a let down but if you are looking for an unusual racing game you may find something interesting here.
AmigaCU Amiga
As it stands the slow speed and jerky update - even when faster vehicles were bought - kills off any feeling of speed, and leaves Moonshine Racers with bags but nigh-on zero playability. A great disappointment.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Von der etwas ruckeligen Grafik, aber auch vom Spielerischen her wirken die fünf Level von Moonshine Racers wie eine Wild West Ausgabe von „Out Run“. Dank der ordentlichen (Stick-) Steuerung ist das zuerst ganz lustig, aber auf Dauer läßt die Motivation doch spürbar nach - nichts für ungut, Boys!
(page 40)
AmigaASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Moonshine Racers erinnert stark an Baggy Boy (ähnliche Kurse, Sprünge über Baumstämme etc.), kommt aber schlechter weg, als das Offroad-Stück. Das Scrolling ruckelt, die Fahrzeugbewegungen sind unnatürlich kantig, und Spritekollisionen finden nur auf der Fahrbahn statt (abseits der Straße kann man ohne Schaden durch Schilder u.ä. hindurchfahren). Das einzig Gute ist die grelle Country-Musik, die wahlweise gegen die mäßigen FX-Sounds ausgetauscht werden kann.
Spelet blir trakigt redan efter en kort stund och skulle helt klart kännas som bortkastade pengar om jag hade köpt det.
AmigaPower Play
Die Programmierer von Moonshine Racers scheinen so vom Schnaps-Szenario angetan gewesen zu sein, daß sie beim Tüfteln an diesem Spiel wohl selbst den einen oder anderen Schluck hinter die Binde gegossen haben. Nur so kann man sich erklären, daß die (zwar bunte und detailreiche) Grafik so ruckt. Spielerisch sollte man den Mondscheinrennern einen Strafzettel verpassen: Auf Dauer wird einfach zu wenig Abwechslung geboten, um den Spieler länger an den Bildschirm zu bannen. Brettert man zu Beginn noch lustvoll durch die Prärie, so schleicht sich später gnadenlos die Langeweile ein.
AmigaAmiga Power
Well, the sound's pretty good throughout (though some actual sound effects would be nice) and to be honest it's not quite as bad as Chase HQ, but then what is? Inexplicable disk-swapping, no gameplay, in a word, crap.
AmigaAmiga Power
Almost as bad as Amiga Chase HQ, and you've got to admit that's pretty damn bad.