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Good but horrible in contrast to the Super Nintendo Version Genesis Mr. Huh (112)
Acclaims Best Game? Genesis Liam Dowds (51)
Good for a 16 Bit Translation SNES Tyrone Eugene (7)
Great port of what's probably the pinnacle of the original MK series DOS Zovni (10653)
The Greatest Arcade Game...EVER DOS Daniel J McKinnon (4)
Superb... SNES Stefan Grammer (6)
Worse sequel? Pixelated Graphics? Definetely not! DOS IJan (1999)
Street fighter 2 was the spark, Mortal kombat 2 was the gas that set the fire in Beat 'em ups. Amiga SonyasFan (4)
The sequel is even worse than the first. DOS Tomer Gabel (4642)
Mortal 32X SEGA 32X ETJB (450)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 16 3.7
Arcade 9 3.8
DOS 58 3.9
Game Boy 21 3.8
Game Gear 13 3.7
Genesis 44 3.9
PlayStation 13 4.1
PlayStation 3 9 4.0
SEGA 32X 20 3.9
SEGA Master System 10 3.1
SEGA Saturn 8 3.5
SNES 56 4.0
Combined User Score 277 3.9

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I don't think there is a word in the English language for how great it feels to play this game. "Ecstasy" is not strong enough and I'm not really sure if I can say "orgasmic" because we'll get letters and I might get fired. So I'll use a French word that means the same thing. Mortal Kombat II for the SNES has a gaming jouissance all it's own. It's so good it's almost scary. People will probably freak out all across the country and you might not be able to buy milk.
SNESGamePro (US) (Oct, 1994)
MK II fans who rated the arcade a perfect 5.0 should snap up this cart posthaste. Some hardcore fight fans prefer the SF II series to MK because of the deeper game play, and for this contingent, MK II might only be a must rent. Everyone else will give MK II a big limbs up!
SNESGame Players (Sep, 1994)
You might note the SNES version has a slight, if definite edge over the Genesis version --- a surprise. Although you'd probably expect the SNES version to look better, it plays better too. But we're splitting hairs. Whatever system you own, this is a must have this season --- finish him!
A brilliant sequel to a great original and a faithful conversion of the arcade coin-op. A must for beat em' up fact, a must for Super NES fans.
SEGA SaturnSega Saturn Magazine (Nov, 1995)
Mortal Kombat 2 pretty much makes your purchasing decision for you. If you're sitting there thinking "Ooh, I like Mortal Kombat, I hope this is a good version" it's doubtful you could be in any way disappointed. You'll know if you want it. And if you do you're more than advised to rush out and buy the little rascal as soon as you see it. Jaded gamesters suffering from over-exposure might have difficulty dealing with Mortal 2 without blanching, but happy-go-lucky fluffy bunny gamers who believe in fairies and the essential goodness in mankind will love it.
SEGA 32XConsoles Plus (Apr, 1995)
Un titre indispensable si vous possédez une 32X, et si vous n'avez pas déjà la version Megadrive.
SEGA 32XMean Machines (Mar, 1995)
Better in all respects, and the best conversion 32X owners could hope for. Bigger, harder and kicks backsides in every department.
GenesisGame Players (Sep, 1994)
What makes MKII such a smashing sequel isn't just the extra gore. Every aspect has been revamped and overhauled, from the genuinely creepy backgrounds to a whole mess of new characters and moves --- it plays more like a horror movie than a video game and it reads like a shopping list: fatalities, babailities, friendships, hidden characters --- look out, the cool meter has gone off the dial!
Game GearThe Video Game Critic (Feb 16, 2004)
The graphics and sound are about the same quality as the previous edition, but the gameplay is faster and the controls are tighter. A ringing sound effect alerts you when your health is low, but it sounds a lot like a telephone. Thankfully, you don't need to enter a code to unleash the blood, although it's not as gratuitous as you might expect. Like the first Mortal Kombat, there are three skills levels, and you can't pause because the Start button is used to block. Overall, this one is a head-ripping, spine-tearing good time.
SEGA 32XThe Video Game Critic (Jun 18, 2000)
I was pleasantly surprised to see that this isn't just the Genesis version with a few new bells and whistles. This version actually improves upon the Genesis version's graphics, sound, and gameplay. It's still the same game, but it's a little better in every way. First, the graphics are noticeably cleaner and more detailed. Next, the sound features crystal clear voices and sound effects, unlike the scratchy samples on the Genesis. Finally, the gameplay seems to be a little faster. It's not a huge step up, but this is probably the best version of MKII you're going to find.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Feb 11, 2000)
The second edition of this gory fighting game is a major improvement, starting with the fact that you get twelve fighters instead of seven. The graphics and sound are noticeably better, and the backgrounds are more detailed and some are even interactive. Thankfully, you don't need a code to activate the blood in this game. The gameplay is slightly improved, with more responsive control and support for the 6-button Genesis controller. This is nearly identical the SNES version, but the graphics and sound are a step down. This was the peak of the Mortal Kombat series. Beginning with MK3, it began to go downhill.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jan, 1995)
Mag Mortal Kombat II also auch nicht ganz so schick aussehen, wie Mirages Roboteraufstand, so macht es diesen Nachteil mit durchschlagender Spielbarkeit doch locker wieder wett. Das Fazit kann daher gar nicht anders lauten als: Zuschlagen, bevor die BPjS es tut! Auch wenn dieser Spruch zugegebenermaßen schon einen Bart von hier bis Asien hat...
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Feb 11, 2000)
MK2's graphics are crisp and detailed, and the sound and voices have great bass. My only problem with this game lies with the digitized photo of the programmer that pops up on the screen every now and then ("toa-sty!"). That''s just dumb!
SEGA 32XGameFan Magazine (Mar, 1995)
Finally, a worthy version of MK II that can hold it's own vs. the coin-op. Many thousands of anxious MK fans will no doubt revel in this near perfect port which contains never before seen static screens and all the gushing goo you've come to know and like. You'll also be glad to know that it sounds as good as it looks!
DOSComing Soon Magazine (Mar, 1995)
Following the huge success of Mortal Kombat II in both the arcades and on consoles, Acclaim finally decided to release a PC version that leaves nothing to envy the consoles.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Mortal Kombat II plays similarly to Mortal Kombat, but features a number of improvements, including more graphical detail, better sound effects, faster (as well as harder) gameplay, smoother animation, and more characters (including a playable Shang Tsung).
ArcadeEdge (Mar, 1994)
Things have been tweaked sufficiently to make way for plenty of combos – that’s fast, rapid, unblockable combinations of moves for beat ‘em up virgins. The fighting is less repetitive and frustrating, the sound is fantastic, and it’s just all been miraculously transformed into a well-rounded, impressively designed, mercifully playable beat ‘em up. You will need a high level of dexterity, a strong stomach… oh, and an open mind would be nice. Look out for the inevitable console version soon.
SEGA 32XHobby Consolas (Apr, 1995)
Pero en todo caso, lo mejor es que Mega Drive 32X parece volver a la calidad de sus tres primeros juegos, aunque sea con una conversión de 16 bits. Ésta puede ser la continuación de un gran principio, siempre y cuando no se encasille en las conversiones, claro está.
If you own a 32X and have not purchased Mortal Kombat II, get it now. If you already have the SNES version you may want to steer clear. All in all, an excellent arcade translation with one minor disappointment.
GenesisGamePro (US) (Oct, 1994)
Okay, it's hard to know where to put the blame for this game's incompleteness: on the limitations of the Genesis system itself, or on Probe, the game's developer. Both are probably to blame. Compared with the SNES, this cart isn't one to buy. On it's own merits, though, MK II is a good coin-op translation and arcade fans probably won't regret their investment.
90 (Sep 08, 2005)
Even though this may seem a step down from the arcade and SNES versions, Mortal Kombat II on the Genesis is still a blast to play even today. It's just fun to beat up and slay anyone in your quest for the top, and it gets better when two players go head-to-head. The secret characters also add a bit of replayability, as does the different endings. This game blows away the first one in the series, and holds up quite well against other Genesis fighting games. The bottom line is this is the Mortal Kombat game to own. It's easy to see why fans consider this the peak of the series.
SNESSuper Play (UK) (Oct, 1994)
I for one didn't expect MKII to be this impressive. There's a vast amount of playability lurking beneath its deceptive surface and in just quality of conversion terms there's little around to touch it. Realistically, Super Street Fighter II is a better fighting game, but it doesn't have the humour or the variety of Mortal Kombat II. IfI for one didn't expect MKII to be this impressive. There's a vast amount of playability lurking beneath its deceptive surface and in just quality of conversion terms there's little around to touch it. Realistically, Super Street Fighter II is a better fighting game, but it doesn't have the humour or the variety of Mortal Kombat IL If you're a dab hand at set-piece moves, and can remember half of the finishing moves, you'll get a great deal of pleasure out of this game. Whatever I say, this game will sell bucketloads and for once, it deserves to.

Game BoyConsoles Plus (Sep, 1994)
L'adaptation est fidèle, les personnages toujours aussi violents, les sprites de bonne taille et les coups spéciaux faciles à réaliser. Acclaim nous propose une suite de son Mortal Kombat qui mérite notre attention à tous égards, même si l'animation est un peu saccadée.
Great beat 'em ups and the Game Boy don't often meet up. Fortunately they do with MKII. It's great so go get it.
SEGA SaturnMean Machines (Jan, 1996)
The definitive and final nod towards MK2. Will just about fill the five month gap until MK3.
DOSGameplay (Benelux) (Apr, 1995)
Mortal Kombat II vindt zijn echt origine in de speelhallen op de kermis. Maar deze arcade-adaptatie mag er zeker wezen. Het voordeel van de PC-versie : je koopt het nu aan en je kan er maanden op spelen zonder een klein fortuin in die geldautomaat te moeten steken. Het is een spel waarvoor je uren kan gaan zitten zonder je ook maar één moment te vervelen. Zoek de verborgen moves; doe alle fatality- en bijhorende friendshipmoves en beleef (terecht) hét beste arcadespel bij je thuis.
SNESMegablast (Sep, 1994)
Am erfreulichsten ist aber vielleicht, daß man dank der gelungenen Steuerung auch schwierige Techniken recht bald im Griff hat. zumal die Button-Belegung im Optionsmenü eingestellt werden kann. Diesbezüglich ebenfalls hilfreich sind die fünf Schwierigkeitsgrade und die Handicap-Funktion im Zweispielermodus für einen fairen, frustfreien Fight. Was soll man also noch sagen? Mortal Kombat II ist weit mehr als nur der würdige Nachfolger eines Bestsellers – es ist die derzeit ultimative Herausforderung für kampfstarke Konsoleros!
AmigaAmiga Bladet (Jan 26, 1995)
MK II ligner sin forgænger til forveksling, men er en stor del sværere. Deltagerne i Outworld-turneringen har tilsyneladende lært af deres fejl og er blevet klogere. Selv på 'very easy' – som ca. svarer til 'medium' i MK I! – er det en stor opgave at besejre Shao Kahn & co., og jeg tvivler lidt på, om folk, der er uøvede i beat'em-up genren, vil have megen glæde af MK II. Men under alle omstændigheder er MK II et solidt bank-din-næste-spil med god grafik og lyd og lidt for overdrevne mængder af blod efter min smag.
SEGA Master SystemSega Power (Nov, 1994)
If you like this sort of game then you'll love this. If you don't, then you won't.
GenesisSega Force (Feb 22, 1995)
Detta är ju, som alla vet, ett helt vanligt fightingspel. Risken är alltid stor att man blir mäkta trött på fightingspel, men i detta fall är liret så späckat med med specialgrejor (hemliga gubbar, alla sköna fataliteter, friendship moves och babacity moves) att det tar en bra stund innan man har sett allt i spelet. Svårighetsgraderna är dessutom många.
85 (Aug 10, 2011)
Mortal Kombat II est une référence en termes de jeux de combat. Le hit a tout pour plaire : des beaux graphismes (même si de nos jours ça passe plutôt moyennement), une bande-son correcte, un gameplay simple et intuitif et surtout une ambiance travaillée. Mortal Kombat II, c'est avant tout des heures de fun à tabasser joyeusement ses amis.
85 (Mar 23, 2011)
Mortal Kombat 2 brille de par son ambiance, son originalité, sa violence dégénérée et son petit côté humoristique omniprésent. Bien qu'il ne réinvente pas le genre du jeu de combat, il n'en demeure pas moins un incontournable de l'époque 16 bits, et il représente sans doute l'un des épisodes 2D les plus aboutis de la saga Mortal Kombat. Amateurs d'hémoglobine et d'humour malsains trouveront leur bonheur dans cet opus encore plus glauque et plus sombre que son ancêtre.
DOSJoystick (French) (Apr, 1995)
Si vous affectionnez les beat'em up, MK2 sur PC ne vous décevra pas, car il est le meilleur représentant de ce style de jeu sur PC. Une référence.
AmigaPlay Time (Feb, 1995)
Der langersehnte zweite Teil des Hitsellers hat den Weg aus der Spielhalle auf den Amiga gefunden. Ein paar neue Krieger wurden neben alten Freunden hinzugefügt (insgesamt 12), einige Hintergründe umgezeichnet und auch für den mehrarmigen Drachenmenschen Goro wurde ein ebenbürtiger Ersatz gefunden. Immer noch ein spannendes, hervorragend spielbares, aber unsinnig brutales Game.
SEGA SaturnJoypad (Dec, 1995)
Le problème avec ce jeu, c'est que malgré sa qualité somme toute acceptable, il est vieux. Et on a aussi envie de passer à autre chose. Virtua Fighter Remix, par exemple...le sang ne fait pas tout le jeu... Maintenant, les nostalgiques pourront apprécier.
MK II fans can finally shut up. Their game is here and what an excellent translation it is. It plays great. All the combos are here plus the graphics and sounds are right on par...well most of the sounds anyway. Acclaim really wanted the game to be the best it could be and their persistence has paid off in a big way. The added Tournament Mode is a welcome addition that can really get your thumbs cramped up.
DOSPC Joker (Mar, 1995)
Trotz aller Qualitäten und der motivierenden Geheimszenarios mußten wir der PC-Version die Hit-Trophäe also verweigern; auch weil man die Action mit ein paar zusätzlichen Mankos erkaufen muß: Komplexere Bewegungsabläufe führen selbst mit 8 MB in den Speicherbänken zu Nachladezeiten nebst heftigem Ruckeln, und wer kein Gravis-Gamepad besitzt wird mit eingeschränktem Handling kämpfen müssen - alle übrigen Joysticks oder gar die Tastatur führen nämlich zu Frust und Fingerkrämpfen. Aber wer mit diesen Einschränkungen sowie mit wahren Blutstürzen leben kann, der darf bei Mortal Kombat II die Fights seines Lebens austragen!
SNESRetroGame Man (Jun 23, 2017)
In summary, this is a fantastic 2D fighting game with some awesome characters, cool moves, and over the top grotesque finishing moves that makes multiplayer a ton of fun! This is probably my favourite Mortal Kombat on SNES and is recommended – especially with the inexpensive price of $15-20.
SEGA Master SystemMean Machines (Nov, 1994)
Ambitious and impressive in the looks department, yet cumbersome in the speed stakes.
When you get right down to it, MORTAL KOMBAT II is a rough and tough, macho action gamers' game. But more importantly, it's a whole lot of fun, particularly when you're fighting a friend. While the blood and guts might disturb some people, those people are hereby warned to stay a way. For those that remain, the arena is taking all-corners, and I've got a head-butt with all of your names on it.
PlayStation 3UOL Jogos (May 01, 2007)
"Mortal Kombat II" tem suas falhas aqui e acolá, principalmente no multiplayer, repleto de limitações e lag, mas a chama de um dos maiores clássicos do gênero de luta ainda brilha forte. Jogar online, mesmo tendo que superar os percalços, é como realizar um sonho antigo, enquanto para os novos, é a oportunidade de conhecer um título que ajudou a moldar uma geração de jogos e jogadores.
SEGA 32XAll Game Guide (1998)
MK2 on the 32X isn't a quantum leap above its 16-bit cousin, but it'll do in a pinch if you've got an extra 32X sitting around and collecting dust.
Where the Game Boy usually pales in comparison to the Game Gear. I was surprised to find an expansion roster of moves that included Babalities. A good job was done by Probe to fit so much in so little space. Bravo.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US) (Apr, 1996)
This is basically the best MK II available and a welcome relief for Saturn owners jonesin' for their Mortal fix. Saturnites will be waiting a while for Ultimate MK, so they should pick this up. But if you have yet to make a system choice, this version is nowhere near the quality of MK 3 for the Playstation. This Mortal just isn't Kombat ready.
SEGA (Jul 25, 2005)
“FINISH HIM” is a phrase that made parents sweat and tremble in the early 90s. Such words had dominated arcades and home video game systems as violent fighting games like Mortal Kombat made the scene. By the time Sega of America's 32X expansion had been released, the second game in the Mortal Kombat series was already out. The game was released to much fanfare and for good reason, every version before it of the game had played quite well.
PlayStation 3GameSpot (Apr 13, 2007)
It's unfortunate that so many aspects of this emulation seem rushed because this is the sort of classic game that deserves careful treatment. Even something as simple as a four-player round robin network mode (which is available in the other online MK emulation, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the Xbox 360) would have made a big difference. But at the end of the day, it's faithful enough to the original game, and the online works. If you're an MK fan, that's more than enough reason to spend the five bucks for the game.
SEGA 32XDefunct Games (Jun 05, 2005)
The play control, secrets, and characters are all here, in fact, if you are against owning a Super NES, this is the best version of the game out there. But this version of Mortal Kombat II seems a little rough, unlike the polished arcade counterpart. But it controls well, most of the extras are included, and it's not all that bad of a game.
AmigaScore (Feb, 1995)
Originalita 60%, Atmosféra 70%, Grafika 85%, Zvuk 80%
SEGA 32XIGN (Dec 08, 2008)
Mortal Kombat II is a great fighting game. The move set is vast but not esoteric. Anybody can get reasonably good with one of the fighters with just a day or practice and then hold their own against friends. The 32X version of MKII is loaded with all of the fighters and stages, and feels exactly like the arcade game. If you do not have a SNES, this is the home version of MKII to get.
SEGA 32XGame Players (Apr, 1995)
If you're a huge MK II fan and you're willing to shell out $150 bucks for a 32X that will give you the same gameplay as a $70 SNES cart, then you're in for a treat. Otherwise, my advice is to wait for something that's actually new.
Game GearVideo Games (Oct, 1994)
Wenn man mal davon ausgeht, daß es sehr wenige unter Euch gibt, die nur eine tragbare Konsole ihr eigen nennen, gibt es eigentlich keinen vernünftigen Grund, sich die Game-Boy- oder Game-Gear-Variante zuzulegen. (...) Die Spielbarkeit wurde auf beiden Handhelds doch recht ordentlich hinbekommen - auch wenn der eiserne Schwierigkeitsgrad frustriert und Ihr Probleme habt, Euren Lebensbalken zu erkennen.
SNESEntertainment Weekly (Sep 30, 1994)
But there are new moves this year, and they're bloodier than ever: Check out the ''pull off the arms'' move and the ''upper cut decapitation.'') If you go for this sort of thing, though, MK II is a solid game: The combatants are larger, the moves are more varied, and the voice sampling (''Excellent!'' the basso- profundo announcer booms as you shatter an opponent) is downright chilling.
PlayStation 3IGN (Apr 13, 2007)
Mortal Kombat II still manages to stand up almost 15 years later as one of the best arcade fighters around. The inclusion of online play only strengthens the replayability of the game, and were it not for the fact that the online mode has a number of problems, the PSN version of Mortal Kombat II could've been even stronger than the arcade release. Even still, this is a solid port that every single Mortal Kombat fan should have.
Despite the obvious color and sound limitations of the Genesis, Mortal Kombat II comes off in an excellent way because it has the strongest factor going for it: play control. The great control really helps to offset the lack of voices and the strange sound effect choices. Overall, this version will no doubt keep Genesis owners happy. But sorry guys, now you aren't the only ones to get the blood and guts action like before.
SEGA Master SystemVideoGame (Aug, 1995)
Em matéria de gráficos, os fãs do jogo mais sangrento do planeta não vão ter do que reclamar. Mas, infelizmente, a jogabilidade é prejudicada pela falta de movimentação dos personagens. Mas há sangue o suficiente para agradar a moçada e não tem aqueles códigos para encher a paciência. Pena também a falta de quatro personagens.
Game BoyNintendo Life (Apr 13, 2010)
To bring the game to the Game Boy there has (unsurprisingly) been some cutbacks, but what remains manages to keep the feel of the original and there’s much fun to be had from finding new ways to string together attacks. The music is not great, but the simple sound effects work effectively. Having to block using the start button is annoying, but the controls are otherwise excellent. Overall Mortal Kombat II is an early example of a decent portable fighter which will keep players entertained.
Game GearAll Game Guide (1998)
Mortal Kombat II is only a minor improvement over the first Mortal Kombat for the Sega Game Gear. If you're a diehard MK fan then this game is a keeper. If you're a fighting fan who isn't into the Mortal Kombat series, it's decent but nothing to scream and shout about. If you're none of the above, it may be alright to give it a try. It's graphically impressive to say the least, but not much else is going for it except for its brand quality and mediocre gameplay. Definitely not a Flawless Victory, but neither a Fatality.
GenesisAll Game Guide (1998)
It's kind of difficult to finish this game because of how tough the last two bosses are, but after a little practice you'll find out the boss' patterns and be able to beat them easily. Each character has his or her strengths and weaknesses; some fighters may be very strong but slow, or very fast but weak. But most likely you'll use everyone just to see all of his or her violent fatalities! It may take a long time but chances are you'll play this game until you've seen every secret there is to see in it so definitely give this one a try if you like fighting games or just plain violence.
AmigaJoystick (French) (Jan, 1995)
Si je devais résumer MK2 en un mot, je dirais sûrement... bof !
Game GearElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Oct, 1994)
Just like the first one, Mortal Kombat II has eye-popping graphics and great control - so much so that you won't believe this is a portable. Johnny Cage, Baraka, Rayden and Kung Lao are missing from this version, but the moves of the present fighters are all easy to execute. Like the other versions, you can't pause this one --- START blocks.
Well, it's a good, solid game that you won't feel angry at dropping a couple of bucks on. There are no Friendships or Babalities, but both Jade and Smoke are in there, complete with a cool new background. Though, it's not that spectacular, it definitely is trick. Have fun.
If you own a Genesis and are going to be buying a game this year, Mortal Kombat II is the one to get. You won't be able to get enough of it. You'll even try to get your dorky friends who aren't into video games to play; it's that good.
Game BoyGamePro (US) (Oct, 1994)
MK II Jr. is half as much games as the SNES, but, hey, what do you expect for a five-year-old portable system? I can name a million other ways I'd rather spend $35. On the other hand, if I'm all alone and bored, I wouldn't mind having Kitana and crew in the palm of my hand.
Game GearGamePro (US) (Oct, 1994)
If you own a SNES or Genesis system, you'd be nuts to buy either handheld version over the big brothers. Gear MKII is for people who spend a lot of time on the road and don't mind playing the computer for hours on end. Taken on its own, MK II is a fun game, but if you're looking for something close to the coin-op, you won't find it here.
Game (Nov 08, 2004)
Mortal Kombat fue un título mediocre, que por suerte Acclaim decidió rehacer completamente para dar lugar a Mortal Kombat II. Cuatro personajes menos que en arcade, una amplia gama de movimientos tanto simples como especiales, la incursión "real" de los Fatalities y los de un segundo tipo, según en que escenario nos encontrásemos. Sin lugar a dudas uno de esos juegos que todo fan de la saga tiene que tener, si bien no por su gran calidad por ser el mejor de la serie. Recomendado para fans, aunque a los puristas de la lucha también les puede dar muy buenos ratos.
Game BoyVideo Games (Oct, 1994)
Wenn man mal davon ausgeht, daß es sehr wenige unter Euch gibt, die nur eine tragbare Konsole ihr eigen nennen, gibt es eigentlich keinen vernünftigen Grund, sich die Game-Boy- oder Game-Gear-Variante zuzulegen: Werden wie auf dem Game Boy mehr als ein Drittel der Fighter wegrationalisiert und dann exakt die übriggelassen, die sich auf dem Schwarzweiß-Screen wie ein Ei dem anderen gleichen, so daß Ihr oft Schwierigkeiten habt, Euren Kämpfer auszumachen und dann auch nur zwei Backgrounds spendiert, so kann man eigentlich nur noch von Mini-Mortal Kombat 2 reden. Die Spielbarkeit wurde auf beiden Handhelds doch recht ordentlich hinbekommen - auch wenn der eiserne Schwierigkeitsgrad frustriert und Ihr Probleme habt, Euren Lebensbalken zu erkennen.
Overall, this is still a great game, easily the best in the series. As far as 32X owners are concerned, this IS better than the well-known Genesis version, but still nowhere near the outstanding job the developers of the SNES port pulled off. It's a crying shame....really, it is.
SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection (Oct 29, 2008)
Midway riesce sicuramente a far meglio di Arena nel convertire questo titolo, certo è che siamo ancora lontani da ciò che avremmo voluto vedere. Se vi capita vale la pena comunque provarlo
This is probably the best fighting game on the Game Boy, which isn't saying much because there are not many fighting games on this portable. Still, this one plays well. I found myself getting the moves off with hardly and problem with just two buttons. Even so, it's better as a portable game to take along with you, because you won't want to play this on the Super Game Boy. I would get the Super NES version instead.
Granted, MK II is a better game than MK 3 (which isn't even available for the Saturn), but come on, haven't you outgrown this game yet?
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Mar, 1996)
MK2 on Saturn is the best translation for home systems, but it definitely does have it's flaws. The load time should be much improved, especially when you do a fatality or Shang Tsung's morph. There is also no "Toasty!" when Scorpion performs his fatality. Lastly, the music should actually be the original MK2 music, not the redone music that is in the Saturn version. The graphics are great and the control good, but with all these inconsistencies, it left me wanting more.
SEGA SaturnDigital Extremes (1996)
Frankly, MK2 Saturn was a half-assed attempt to make a quick buck on the MK name by Acclaim, who has also put out noticably incomplete versions of other games (such as Wrestlemania and Revolution X). And this just tarnishes their already soiled name even more. If you're looking for a good MK2 time, shove your 16-bit (or 32x) version in your machine and play it, you'll have more fun with that than this.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide (1998)
If there was no lag between moves, Mortal Kombat II might be acceptable, but as it stands, this is merely a pale shadow of its Arcade older brother. If you're looking for a top-notch Mortal Kombat II experience, be sure to check out the excellent Sega 32X or SNES versions -- just stay away from this mediocre fighter.
SEGA 32XGamePro (US) (Apr, 1995)
The 32X version of MK II has souped-up colors and more voices. That's about the extent of the improvements you'll find here. If you own the 16-bit version, you don't need this one unless you're a glutton for punishment.
SEGA SaturnGameFan Magazine (Mar, 1996)
Although I can't claim to be a fan of Mortal Kombat II, I've played the arcade original enough to tell that the new Saturn version is the exact same game with screwed up animation, sound and color. Add to this the fact that the Saturn version needs to quickly load every special move the first time it's performed and you'll end up with an unattractive choppy mess that pales in comparison to the SNES version. In fact, this game wasn't that good in the first place and Probe somehow made it worse.
Game GearGame Players (Sep, 1994)
The Game Gear version isn't much better than the Game Boy version --- the same characters are missing and there's still only two backgrounds --- but at least it's in color and you get a little spray of blood every now and then. It's worth noting that even though the animation is ever jerkier than on the Game Boy, somehow the control is better.
Game BoyGame Players (Sep, 1994)
Somebody please beat me and rip out my spine --- it would be less painful than having to play the Game Boy version of this any longer. Drained of blood, with only two backgrounds, eight of the characters and maybe half the frames of animation, the words "cut down" don't even begin to describe it.
SEGA SaturnDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Dec 04, 2004)
This is just a lazy port and one of the most disappointing ones of all time. Just this year (2004), we finally get a solid home translation of the game on "Midway's Arcade Treasures 2." The Saturn port should have been this perfect as well. You may be able to accept the issues here had numerous other 2-D titles stayed away, but they didn't and that proves there is no excuse for this disaster.
Game GearDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Oct 02, 2005)
Again helmed by Probe Software, this second Game Gear Mortal Kombat follows the same path as the first. The graphics are again the highlight, and gameplay secondary. The choppy movement, limited roster, and unresponsive controls render this one unplayable.