Mortal Kombat II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Probe programmed it for the Amiga
Title screen
Choose your fighter
Menu screen
The mountain of opponents
Baraka takes a punch in the face
Liu Kang versus Jax
Flawless victory!
This screen can appear anywhere in the game (even DURING fights....)

Arcade version

Title screen
Choose your fighter
Acid split
Get over here!
Broken nose
Johnny Cage and his special move
Stage fatality
Spinning low kick
Flawless victory
Catch fan
Living wood fight
Raiden missed Reptile
You cannot pass
Wrestling time
Sub-zero loves ice
Multiplayer portraits
Cage has a good ability to kicking
A plan...
Logo MK
Oooppps... the neck
Game Over

DOS version

Mortal Kombat logo
Title Screen
Choose your fighter
Kung Lao hurls Scorpion
Sub-zero and Kung Lao in the flight
Johnny Cage's shadow kick
Liu Kang hits Kung Lao. Wow!
Bicycle kick
Kung Lao defeats Liu Kang with his high kick

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Reptile vs. Sub Zero
Shang Tsung vs. Sub Zero
Scorpion vs. Reptile
Jax vs. Reptile
Kitana vs. Jax
Fighter Selection

Game Gear version

Title Screen
Character Select Screen
Jax's Sonic Wave
Fight your way through the tournament.
Scorpion's devastating spear attack.
Shang Tsung vs. Sub-Zero
Scorpion's fatality

Genesis version

Title screen
Aerial assault
Nice dragonized main menu
Choosing your character
Choosing your opponent
Come here, baby!
Fatality: drowned
What did ya say?! Say it again!
Thank you, and be with us next week!
Sorry, did you hurt yourself?
I just want to tell you a secret
Fatality: fell into abyss
You bitch! How dare you dance with other men!
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Fall to acid
Mask on face
Invisible reptile vs reptile
Finish him!
-You miss me! -This is 2D game, die!
Time to jump together!
Reptile wins
Fight in forest
Time to fatality... I don't remember combination
My back...
Kick in feet
Raiden wins
Brutal solution
Raiden's flight
Mileena wins
My nose!
That's hurt.
Nice view, brutal results
Cat fight
Kitana wins
In armory
Lost fight

SEGA 32X version

Title Screen
Reptile's Bio
Rayden trips Reptile
Scorpion vs. Scorpion
Jax vs. Cage
Kung Lao throws Reptile
Character Selection
Jade is a hidden character.
Is Jade A Playable Character?

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Character Select Screen
Work your way up the ladder.
Jax vs. Liu Kang
Kitana's fan attack.
It only looks painful.
Mileena's fatality
Sub-Zero's payback!

SEGA Saturn version

Choose Your Fighter
Climbing the mountain
Uppercut during shadow kick
Explosive move
Devastating Punch
Kitana is not a fan of Baraka
Non-Scorching Fireball
Frozen in mid-air
Sub-Zero bounces up from a Raiden slam
Get over here!
Toasty uppercut
Acid and spear hit at the same time.
Hat toss.
Kung Lao chucks Jax
Jax slams Kung Lao
Shadow kick interrupted again
Kung Lao aims Mileena at Sonya
You have to stand farther apart to land a punch.
Back body drop
Kintaro's Yell knocks Scorpion off his feet
Shao Kahn getting an idea.
Cheat Screen

SNES version

Character select screen.
About to do an infamous fatality...
Someone lost his skin...
Title screen
Introducing the characters
Nice technique!
Nice main menu
Choosing your opponent
Continue screen
I'm strong, I'm so strong!
Sorry, but I think your nose is bleeding - can I help you?
The ghosts are watching
Don't be afraid, I just wanna talk to you
Game over
Using his popping-head Fatality, Jax crumbles Kitana's head completely!
With his fast Blade Fury move, Baraka removes a lot more of Kung Lao's energy.
After a double flawless, Kitana makes her victory pose beside Johnny Cage's "nestling"...
Escaping successfully of Kung Lao's Hat Throw using his Slide, Sub-Zero changes the fight situation.
The result of Kitana's Fan Slice Fatality? Liters of blood gushing of a decapitated Sub-Zero...
Scorpion solves some personal differences with Sub-Zero using his sharp-blooding harpoon.
After knocked off Mileena's 3 heads (?!?), Johnny Cage shows to her who is the "main star"!
Projectile clash between Reptile's Force Ball and Liu Kang's High "Dragon" Fireball.
Mysteriously hidden behind a tree, Smoke sees Kitana using the Fan Lift in her alter-ego.
Jade throws her fan into Scorpion, but he is almost striking back with a jump kick...
Smoke comes to fight now and his first move is a bloody uppercut in Johnny Cage!
Liu Kang attacks with his Flying Kick and Noob Saibot makes the respective blocking position.
Reptile was caught by Kintaro's feet-stomping move and now is forced to feel the consequences...
In a risky (and successful) movement, Rayden escapes Shao Kahn's Light Arrow using his teleport.