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Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Screenshots

Windows version

Intro 1 - lots of fatalities
Intro 2 - stairs of death
Intro 3 - god's duel
Intro 3 - Alternate (and now native) time-line universe tournament begins!
Intro 5 Shang Tsung
Johny Cage energy shot into invisible Reptile
X-ray move is in black & white colours
Broken neck
Flying kick
Sonya Blade vs Sub-zero
Raiden flight
Broken skull
Kitana's low kick
Freddy Krueger
Duel match
Classic ladder
Kenshi's sword
Energy attack
Fight in forest
Cyrax in robots form
Rain's water attack
Cabal's fatality
Hook in chest
Sindel's x-ray with broken leg
Scorpion spear
Fight on desert
Shao Kahn
Finishing move
Happy end
Main menu
Gun on hand to hand combat. Seems legit.
Yet another fatality
Stryker vs Noob
Cyrax in human form
Iconic characters
4-handed Sheeva
This should be fatality