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Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Fighter Select Screen
Rain vs. Ermac

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen.
Selecting the kombatants.
VS screen.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Selecting the kombatants.
VS screen.
The carnage starts with Baraka, that attacks Jade with his fast hand-claw move Blade Fury.
Meanwhile, in another battle, Kitana throws her fan in Scorpion: the blood happy-hour continues!
In the subway, Human Smoke attacks with "his" Spear move: come here, Sonya Blade! ;-D
An surprise attack: Ermac connects successfully his single hit move Teleport Punch in MKI Kano.
Just as Ermac, Johnny Cage uses his single hit move Red Shadow Kick to hit Classic Sub-Zero.
Using a little portion of her Shokan power, Sheeva attacks Ermac with the grabbing command.
Liu Kang damaging and stunning Sindel through his fast-feet-based move Red Bicycle Kick.
Baraka uses his spinning-hand-claw move Blade Spin, bleeding seriously MKI Rayden's face.
Sonya Blade attacks Mileena with the most classical move of Mortal Kombat series: an uppercut!
Rayden's Shocking Grasp active and functional in MKII Kung Lao: this move is found in 2P modes only.
Human Smoke is damaged by a blood-cutting axe hit: it's Nightwolf's Hatchet Swing move in action!
Demonstration Mode match showing Shao Kahn's Hammer smashing Sindel with a unique and shaking hit.
After 2 rounds of non-stop fighting action, Cyrax finishes off Jade with his Helio Slash fatality.
Through his blood-improved-head-popping fatality, MKII Jax crumbles Sindel's head definitively!
During the introduction sequence, you can see randomly the biography of some kombatants.
Nightwolf uses successfully his Animality and give some bloody bites in a just-defeated Kitana.
Mileena finishes off Classic Sub-Zero spitting at full speed a countless set of blooding nails.
Meanwhile, Rayden executes his massive uppercut-based Fatality in a knocked-out MKI Kano.
As the ultimate blow, Sindel uses a scream-based Fatality to dissolve "completely" her alter-ego...
Now a stunned Ermac is about to be exterminated by Scorpion's ground-skeletal-burning-hand Fatality!
Kitana clears successfully her recent battle versus MKI Rayden chopping off his head: a "Fantality"!
Kung Lao showing to the popstar Johnny Cage the "massive" effects of a successful Babality.
Sheeva seems like to improve her balance with those 4 swinging plates seen during her Friendship...
Cage's remaining health is about to finish, because Goro's Grab and Pound move is in action now!
Taking advantage of his massive strength, Kintaro smashes Sektor with a ground-stomping punch.
Motaro uses his long tail to execute a sweep: with this, Sindel drops for some instants.
This time, 1P Shao Kahn blocks CPU Shao Kahn's current offensive: a front-charging move.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Main Menu
Jade's biography.
Character selection screen.
Kabal vs Sindel.
Two players mode.
Come here!
Jax vs Kung Lao
Jax in trouble
You have access to all known warriors in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, even bosses like Motaro.
Liu Kang's special attack
You can play as masked Sub-Zero too.
Ouch, that hurts!
Sheeva has green blood...