Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of the Spooky Manor Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu with credits
Eccentric uncle cliché
Bizarre-contraption-with-missing-pieces cliché
Gameplay instruction
The wine bottle's completed and the butterfly bits stick out
The puzzle element
Overall room map for downstairs
The boiler room - grabbed a piece of the globe
Now got the complete object
The kitchen
The punishment for random clicks is a little unorthodox
Maybe she should snack on complex carbohydrates instead?
A friendly ghost is all I need
What a considerate host, he's thought of everything
The bolt means that giving him something will help me
He gets the hat, moves, and revealed an object
The last puzzle piece on this floor
The overall state of play
A storage room
Not the best first impression of a home?
There is a bed under there, honest
Quite a collection