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Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege (Windows)

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PC Games (Germany)
Wenn ich einen Mausbefehl fünf Mal ausführen muss, bis meine Panzer sich endlich entknäueln, verdirbt das schon auf Anhieb eine Menge Spaß. In den Gefechten selbst bietet mir Roter Sturm solide Hausmannskost. Dank der taktischen Möglichkeiten, wie unterschiedliches Feuerverhalten und editierbare Fahrzeugbesatzungen, fühle ich mich etwas versöhnt. Nur schade, dass die Kampagnen so trocken aufbereitet sind. Vor allem der Sprecher in den Missionsbriefings lässt mich eher an öde Geschichtsunterrichtsstunden als an spannende Missionsvorbereitungen denken.
Strategy Informer
In the end I found Moscow to Berlin to be an entertaining addition, with a great game engine. Sadly I can’t see it breaking out and drawing a huge following simply because the WWII RTS genre has been done to death. As a real-time strategy gamer myself I am pretty sick of seeing cloned titles from that era and being told that “this one” is a huge difference from the last.
PC Powerplay
Zugegeben: Die Missionen sind ganz nett. Auch wenn mich das Umsortieren und Aufstellen meiner Verbände zu Beginn der meisten Einsätze ungeheuer nervt. Aber Panzers 2 und Blitzkrieg 2 haben ebenfalls spannende Aufgaben – plus bessere Grafik, motivierende Kampagnensysteme und mehr.
Despite having a few notable strengths, Moscow to Berlin suffers in comparison to the other WW2 RTS games that have crossed our desks in the last year or so. Stacked against those other titles, Moscow to Berlin tends to fade into the background. When you confront the AI problems and the sometimes-buggy mission design, the few things that Moscow to Berlin aren't enough to keep your interest.
All in all Moscow To Berlin: Red Siege is good for an afternoon of tank based battles, even though the tank's operators must have flunked their driver's test.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Moscow to Berlin is een beperkt spel waarvan de fraaie graphics niet opwegen tegen de fletse gameplay en de irriterende bugs.
Si la plupart des séries de STR à succès évoluent au fil des versions et se bonifient, c'est le cas par exemple de Codename Panzers, de Blitzkrieg... Pour ce qui est de Mockba to Berlin, les évolutions depuis "Africa Korps vs Desert Rats", "D-Day" et "1944 : Campagne des Ardennes" sont trop maigres. Le jeu se trouve donc plus que jamais dépassé par la concurrence. Au final, on obtient un titre qui certes, n'est pas mauvais, mais qui manque d'arguments pour rivaliser avec les grands noms du genre.
GameStar (Germany)
Roter Sturm ist noch deutlich öder als die Winterschlacht in den Ardennen. Die meiste Zeit guckt man den eigenen Truppen zu, wie sie den Feind von der Karte putzen. Immerhin sind die Schlachtfelder weiträumiger aufgebaut, weshalb sich die Katastrophen-KI nicht immer wieder in engen Straßenschluchten verheddert. Schade um die nette Grafikengine, die aber auch nicht verhindern kann, dass aus dem Roten Sturm nur ein laues Lüftchen geworden ist.
Absolute Games (AG.ru)
Очередная бестолковая RTS «по мотивам» ВМВ. D-Day, Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, 1944: Battle of the Bulge, Moscow to Berlin — военные стратегии, выходящие под маркой Monte Cristo, все труднее отличить друг от друга. Мелкие исправления и нюансы не в силах повлиять на геймплей, однообразные задания и примитивная тактика начисто убивают желание играть. Пора менять курс.
It's long past time for this tired genre to be retired. With all its micromanagement, it can't hope to capture the grandeur of actual WWII battles. Furthermore, the historical roots block the genre from attempting innovations that would actually make things fun. Moscow to Berlin has decent graphics, and the gameplay is no worse than the rest of the genre, but spending money on this would be like paying to see the same movie for the 20th time.
In the end, Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege will only appeal to those on the extreme ends of the spectrum. New RTS players will like the easy to understand gameplay and ability to jump right into combat without a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, this was not the game's intent. Only devotees of the series, who played all three previous games and absolutely must play them all - no matter what, will care to pick up this lackluster effort.
The graphics engine was already old in 2004 when it was used for D-Day, and two years later it's really behind the times. It does have some nice features, such as the destructibility of the environments and the way tanks explode in glorious fireballs, but the rest of the game suffers from dated and grainy graphics. The sound has the obligatory voice acting with thick German and Russian accents, and the music won't really inspire you or catch your ear. There's just not a lot to recommend in Moscow to Berlin, not with so many better World War II real-time strategy games on the market. So it's probably a bit fitting that this chapter of the series covers the end of World War II, because it's run out of gas at this point.
Worth Playing
When all is said and done, I just can't bring myself to recommend Moscow to Berlin. It's such a gnarled mass of poor pacing, non-intuitive interface hassles, and second-rate graphics that it really has no hope of being anything more than a bargain-bin purchase. Of course, if you're already a fan of this franchise, then by all means – this is more of what you love. If you're just looking to dabble in strategic gaming in a World War II setting, save your money for Company of Heroes instead.