MotoGP 13 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Customizing the rider
Main menu - lots of game modes
Each circuit is explained in detail before each race
In the pits - about to start the race
Quick reference info on weather conditions in Automotodrom Brno
Starting grid - showing rows 3 and 4
Starting from the last position (if you choose not to run qualifying session or perform bad in that session)
Inside your motor home
MotoGP Magazine cover is updated after each race
Riding aids setup
Every track has a short video introducing the area where it is located
Quick look at the circuit before the race
First-person view
Race results. The physics are hard to get used to at first and so I'm not even in top 10
There are many unlockable pictures and videos
Trying to overtake a rider
Choosing a team to sign a contract with
Racing in Qatar. The situation is a mess - need to rewind
Celebrating podium finish
Social feeds
You can tune the bike manually if you're into technical stuff
Riding qualifying session in a rain
There are quotes from famous riders
The longer you race the more riders and teams you unlock
Won Moto3 Championship
It's sunny now, but the track is wet from yesterday's rain
You can critically damage your bike
Replay - TV cam
You can access "picture mode" any time during the race
You gain experience points and level up. Higher levels unlock bonus features
You gain new fans depending on your performance. More fans mean more attention to you from famous MotoGP teams
If you aren't a mechanic, you can tune your bike's performance in an interactive technical meeting before any race
Riding through the pits - helmet cam
Championships standings
With bike damage parameter set to "heavy" you can experience technical problems almost out of nowhere
Cutting corners may result in penalty
In Championship mode you can change the order in which the tracks are played or remove some of them completely
Congratulations from Ducati team manager
MotoGP bike may behave like a wild stallion