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Worth Playing (Jul 28, 2006)
MotoGP 4's packaging reads, "2 wheels. 200 mph. 2 inches from the Tarmac." This is absolutely true. Despite the somewhat low-res graphics, you never lose that sense of speed that's so crucial to racing games. You're going to fight to pass the other racers so you can finish in first, and when you do, it's a sweet, sweet thing. The single-player alone is a fun ride, if you'll pardon the pun, and the multiplayer, be it split-screen or online, is just as good. It's nice to play a realistic racer where I spend most of my time racing rather than crashing into walls. This kind of hybrid gameplay appeals to both casual fans and the hardcore MotoGP nuts and makes for a better experience overall.
1UP (Jun 20, 2006)
The final package is a motorcycle racing game that is certainly good, but far from the best on the market. If your weapon of choice is the PlayStation 2, however, and you lack for next-gen options, then consider MotoGP 4 all the ammunition you'll need.
81 (Jun 16, 2005)
MotoGP 4 ist dank der neuen und gelungenen Multiplayer-Modi ohne Zweifel der beste Teil der Serie. Auch der Umfang wurde mit der Integrierung der 125cc- und 250cc-Klassen noch mal erweitert, doch gestalten sich die Rennen hier selbst unter Simulationsbedingungen als zu einfach und damit langweilig. Das größte Manko ist neben der kaum verbesserten Flimmergrafik aber nach wie vor die Kollisionsabfrage: Es ist einfach lächerlich, dass man mit 200 Sachen in einen Fahrerpulk rasen kann und nichts passiert, während man selbst bei niedrigen Geschwindigkeiten vom Sattel fällt, wenn man nur minimal die Grünflächen berührt. Hier sollte Namco beim nächsten Teil auf jeden Fall etwas mehr Sorgfalt walten lassen. Auch die Ideallinien-KI ist noch lange nicht das Gelbe vom Ei, geht selten aggressiv vor und lässt sich viel zu einfach überholen. Dennoch ist der Titel für Motorradliebhaber auf der PS2 erste Wahl – auch mangels ernsthafter Konkurrenz.
Softpedia (Mar 10, 2006)
If you are into bikes you will love this game, if not why would you buy a motorcycle game anyway? It's certainly not perfect, but worth checking out nonetheless.
AceGamez (2006)
Moto GP 4 impressed me in some aspects, but left me pondering over others. The realism is uncanny and I've grown to love the realistic gameplay, graphics and sound. However, the game could have done with a mode to suit causal players too - a mode that allows you to define the exact number of laps and the exact number of racers, amongst other things. Nevertheless, with a range of modes on offer including extensive training, a variety of challenges and full network play included amongst the multiplayer options, there is no shortage of things to do here. Moto GP 4 does a great job of taking you close to the real thing and if you want realism over everything else, this is the only title you need.
Bordersdown (Jun, 2005)
All too often sequels to long-running series disappoint, with minor updates to names and events to reflect the changes of that year. Not so with Moto GP 4. The improved physics and the addition of 125cc and 250cc bikes go to make Moto GP 4 a worthy update option for all fans of powered two-wheelers, only the lack of online play spoils an otherwise worthy challenger to the Xbox title crown. It will be interesting to see what that series can pull out of the bag to counter this excellent game.
games xtreme (Aug 14, 2005)
MotoGP4 is a solid and realistic simulation, featuring all the courses and riders from the 2004 MotoGP series. While the detail on the courses may look a bit dated now this doesn’t detract from the action at all. Racing against twenty opponents when the majority of racing games feature about half that figure or less makes it seem more exciting, especially if you are racing up from the rear of the grid. Although the races can get a bit samey after a while they are still good fun to play, you will find yourself wanting to push on to see then next class of bike or to try the next upgrade test. Fans of the MotoGP series will be right at home here, casual fans of bike racing may want to rent this one as there's not much to keep you coming back once you have beaten the game.
PSX Extreme (Sep 13, 2006)
The bottom line- if it weren't for the glaring flaws in Namco's attempt at a simulator, MotoGP 4 would be much better than it is. You can fall back on the online play, which can be a blast, or you can deal with the somewhat mundane setup of a Full Season in single player mode. You can race 2, 5, or the full number of laps, you can make a few enhancements and changes here and there, you can undertake over 100 challenges, and you'll likely be sucked into the races. All of these are good things. But the bad is just too prevalent: poor upgrade system, mediocre graphics and sound, and in general, it just feels like an arcade game trying to be a simulator. All this being said, even though it falls well short of its goal, MotoGP 4 somehow remains entertaining. But for now, it appears that Tourist Trophy is still your best bet, ‘cycle racing aficionados.
GameSpy (Jun 28, 2006)
MotoGP 4 doesn't excel in every area, but besides providing racing with an appreciable realistic feel, there are a few additions to sweeten the deal. No matter what modes you favor, you'll earn credits which you can spend at the paddock. These points are spent to unlock pro riders (they come with their own bikes), new circuits, and bonuses, which helps give you a sense of progression and accomplishment even if you're not coming in first every race. The multiplayer mode is also well done. The game lets you use a multi-tap for four-player split screen (you're able to add computer-controlled riders as well), although the online play is a superior experience with few hassles after the initial setup. It's not the strongest competitor in the field, but MotoGP 4 is a solid contender in the genre.
You could almost consider 7 to be a generous score considering how little has changed since MotoGP 3. However, in its own right, it is a very good game. If you've never played any other titles in the series and like a good racing game, this is an easy 8 - higher if you’re a big MotoGP fan.
There aren't a lot of motorcycle game being made nowadays. And when a good one comes out, you have to take advantage of that and play it. For the price you're paying, you get a whole lot. Realistic motorcycle gameplay, multiplayer action, and online play that will keep you locked in your room for months. I just hope that in MotoGP 5, I'll get to relive those days of Road Rash and be able to knock a guy off his bike with a baseball bat, but until that happens, Moto GP 4 will have to do.
GameZone (Oct 29, 2006)
If you play the game long enough to grasp the controls, you'll find that they can be really satisfying. The real-world courses provide a near-endless list of obstacles to overcome. Opponents are smart but forgiving. You'll have to work hard to pass the and hold the lead, but the game still allows you to make a couple of mistakes and finish in the top five. That might not be the most desirable situation, but in a game like this, you'll just be glad you're not dead last.
IGN (Jun 22, 2006)
In all, MotoGP4 plays much like past games in the series and still has a number of presentation quirks, but it's certainly a fun game. The driving mechanic feels really good and the track designs are great (they're real courses), so the basic act of racing is a good deal of fun. It would have been nice if some of the presentation issues had been cleared up, like having to complete a challenge to keep a new part, but it's a fun game overall and fans of the series will love it for the online play alone.
70 (May 24, 2005)
Malgré ses qualités certaines, Moto GP 4 pose le problème de la facilité. En effet, réutilisant les principales notions de son prédécesseur, le titre de Namco n'impose que quelques petites innovations, s'appuyant lestement sur des bases issues du second opus. De plus, l'aliasing tenace et la vacuité des décors poussent Moto GP à une cruelle réflexion sur lui-même. Il serait peut-être temps d'amorcer une psychanalyse. Néanmoins, si vous ne possédez qu'une PS2, et surtout si vous n'avez jamais mis la main sur Moto GP 3, le titre de Sony devrait vous convenir.
GamesRadar (2006)
MotoGP4's licensed bikes and riders, accurately rendered tracks, and extensive single and multiplayer gameplay options are all good selling points but the unpolished graphics, bland audio, and out-of-date licensing are serious misfires. This will likely be the last MotoGP chapter Namco Bandai produces for Sony's second-generation deck, however, so enthusiastic two-wheel PS2 racing fans will just have to suck it up and breathe in the exhaust fumes.
60 (UK) (Jul 28, 2005)
Namco can throw in as many tracks, riders and modes as it likes, but it'll have to go a lot further to improve the actual racing experience before we're ready to consider donning our leathers and getting out there on the tarmac again. Good intentions or not, MotoGP's for the hardcore. Again.