Motor Rock Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
In the garage
Let the carnage begin!
Not to self: taking screenshots and driving at the same time is not a good idea
Finish line
The winners of the race
That's what I call a bumpy road...
I'm a highway staaaaar!
The rear view
This mode is actually quite enjoyable (shooting enemy drivers is easier, too)
Time to buy a new car and give it a paint job
Each planet has several weather conditions
Whoops, I might have jumped too far...
Too bad I lack the ammo to finish these guys off
Time to upgrade my arsenal!
Ready to move to the next planet!
Space travel cutscene
New world, new rivals
The opponents become nastier with each new planet
This AI driver has a flamethrower
Soon, it will be mine... Soon...
Shield bonus
Night ride
Ocean planet
Ice planet
Lava planet
Planet X