MotorHEAT Screenshots

Windows version

The Main Menu.
Car appearance customization screen.
Engaging turbo boost leads to a motion blur effect. Even though the Extra Boost power up is right in the next lane, it may be hard to maneuver to it in time at turbo speed.
Engaging turbo boost speed at this point would be a mistake.
White cars change lanes in random directions. This one could be troublesome.
Your car has a healthy yellow glow while under the effect of the Extra Multiplier power-up.
Level five is rather foggy, or is this a dust cloud?
Fiery crash as the time runs out.
Late evening driving through level nine.
Night envelops the the road on level ten.
Down to the wire - if there is no crash, the next level increase will give enough time to stave off the dreaded Game Over and earn some more points.
The Game Over screen displays the statistics of the last run.