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The Movies: Stunts & Effects

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Lights! Camera! More Action! Windows MasterMegid (897)

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Macintosh 2 4.0
Windows 6 4.5
Combined MobyScore 8 4.4

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WindowsGame Chronicles
The Movies: Stunts and Effects is a great addition to an already stellar title. The new features only add to the immense fun-factor and “sandbox” feel you reap from this game. However, $29.99 for an expansion (only $10 less than the original) may be a tad steep for some folks, and even though there is a nice chunk of content, it doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel…well, unless that wheel is set ablaze and covered in poisonous spike.
A truly solid expansion that adds to the overall experience of the game, whether playing out in the game’s goal-driven ‘campaign’ or in the sandbox mode. The ability to really customize your own movie becomes a deeper experience with Stunts & Effects. The words used to describe the original title – addictive, and just plain fun – still apply. Owners of The Movies will want to add this expansion.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
The problem is, this is the game The Movies should have been from the beginning. While The Movies is, by itself, a fine game, it seems broken and dull next to the expansion pack. This is a rare occurrence in gaming, and I can't give a higher recommendation for an expansion than that.
WindowsWorth Playing
In the gaming community, there are certain leaders – certain captains of industry, if you will – who are hailed as paragons of that hobby. Masters of their craft, they are the ones to whom new generations of game makers look for inspiration and guidance. Their projects have been routinely lauded as works of genius, and their promises of things to come seen as prophecies of a better gaming world. Will Wright is one of these men. Peter Molyneux is, well, not. It isn't that his ideas are any less grand than Wright's. It isn't that his games are in any way inferior. Ironically, Molyneux's downfall is in that he wants too much too fast, and his games simply never live up to the majestic tapestry woven in their press releases. While nearly every single one of Lionhead's products has been superb in execution, none of them has fulfilled the expectations set out by Molyneux himself.
The Movies ist und bleibt bei allen Neuerungen das, was es war. Eine Wirtschaftssimulation mit teils nervigem Mikromanagement, aber genialer Atmosphäre. Daran ändern auch die Stuntmen mit ihren tollen neuen Sets nichts. Leider wirkt der Titel auch optisch nicht mehr auf der Höhe der Zeit. So bleibt ein Spiel, das Fans und Besitzer des Vorgängers nur dann in ihre Kaufentscheidung mit einbeziehen sollten, wenn sie der Produzentenpart besonders gereizt hat. Denn genau hier finden sich die wichtigsten und interessantesten Erweiterungen. Neulinge mit Interesse an etwas anderen Wirtschaftssimulationsthemen hingegen sollten The Movies auf jeden Fall genauer ins Blickfeld nehmen. Denn nirgendwo sind blanke Zahlen so schön in kreative Spielfelder versteckt.
WindowsPC Powerplay
Spielerisch und inhaltlich gefällt mir dieses Addon wirklich gut: Es kommt mit einem eigenen Tutorial, erweitert das Baumenü um zig neue Sets und bietet einen Schnelleinstieg, mit dem ich sofort Zugriff auf die neuen Features habe. Allerdings ändert sich trotz der Stuntleute naturgemäß nicht viel am Spielprinzip und -gefühl. Rein inhaltlich gebe ich eine klare Kaufempfehlung, allerdings finde ich auch, dass 30 Euro für das Gebote ne die Schmerzgrenze knapp überschreiten.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Freizeit-Regisseure haben Grund zum Jubeln - endlich gibt es das erste Add-on zu The Movies. Die Features lesen sich nicht schlecht: Stuntszenen und Spezialeffekte versprechen mehr Abwechslung für das Spiel. Die frischen Elemente fügen sich nahtlos ins bisherige Gameplay ein - das aktuelle Tutorial erklärt die Grundzüge, wie Sie mit der neuen "Klasse" Stuntmen umgehen.
The Movies: Stunts and Effects is, therefore, an expansion pack for the hardcore fans of the game. It’s for those who have been making their own movies and sharing them at The Movies Online (and some of that stuff is pretty fantastic). If, however, you’re one of those who tried the game out but found all the micromanagement and sometimes awkward controls were putting you off, Stunts and Effects only compounds the issues. Better stick with uploading videos of your cat to YouTube.
WindowsG4 TV: X-Play
The good news is that The Movies: Stunts & Effects is highly unlikely to inspire add-on remorse. There's enough new game here to buoy all the backdrops and furnishings that come with your standard issue game upgrade. Auteur types are well served with a cutting room floor full of broken bones, exploding cars and giant monster attacks to help them better express their creative visions. In other words, if you're not the gotta catch 'em all type, this expansion pack feels like it actually expands an already great game.
WindowsPC Action
Durch die Luft hechtende Männer, die durch Feuer springen, lassen wohl jeden Filmfan vor Freude jauchzen.
WindowsEurogamer.net (UK)
As a psychologist, I'm often called upon to nod and frown, whilst someone pays me lots of money so they can recline on a leather couch. Sometimes, I even get to do some psychology, which mainly consists of mentioning the word schizophrenia, tutting and frowning, like the world's axis rests on the gravitas of my words. Then I get paid lots! It's great.
WindowsYahoo! Games
Six months or so have passed since Lionhead's last big PC release, The Movies, and already it's time for its first expansion pack. Stunts and Effects adds stuntmen (and women) to The Movies' existing framework of film-making and studio management, and bulks out the game's content with a pile of new sets, costumes, special effects, and a few interface tweaks. Sadly, the flaws that held The Movies back from greatness go unfixed, but Stunts and Effects will not disappoint those that enjoyed the original more for its creative potential than its gameplay.
Expansion packs are almost a sure thing for any successful simulation. Players of Lionhead's The Movies have been waiting patiently for their first. With expansion packs it's always simply a matter of deciding whether it includes enough features to make the game more exciting and fun. The good news is that Stunts and Effects adds a very good amount of new scenes, effects, sets, camera controls, and buildings to the movie making process. There's enough here to please any desktop director and keep your own imaginative process flowing. Those who were hoping for improvements to The Movies sometimes aggravating gameplay mode will have to hope for another expansion in the future. There's little to offer in the way of improvements and some of the new features like stuntmen only add to the micromanagement issues.
Das erste AddOn zum Hauptprogramm bekommt trotz relativ guter Wertungen in den Einzelkategorien eine eher verhaltene Gesamtwertung. Das liegt daran, dass die Gesamtwertung den Spielspaßfaktor der Änderungen ausdrücken soll, die durch das AddOn hinzu gekommen sind. Da Fans der Filmproduktion vermutlich vor Begeisterung in die Luft springen, während WiSim Fans enttäuscht in die Röhre gucken, fällt eine Gesamtwertung natürlich schwer. Den Entwicklern ist ein durchaus gutes AddOn gelungen - dass die allseits bekannten Schwächen jedoch derart ignoriert wurden, ist unverständlich. Wer gerne Hobbieregisseur spielt muss zugreifen, alle Anderen warten auf das hoffentlich bessere nächste Addon.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Uiteindelijk brengt het expansiepak diepte in The Movies, en is het een must voor de fans van het origineel. Je kan de expansie perfect gebruiken om nog rijkere, creatievere films te maken. Als het management-aspect van het spel je ding was, zal je merken dat er niet echt veel aan het hart van het spel veranderd of toegevoegd werd. De toevoeging van een stuntexpansie laat je echter toe wat meer spanning in het managen te brengen.
By seamlessly integrating into The Movies, the Stunts & Effects expansion offers a lot of cool new toys for would-be studio bosses and virtual moviemakers to play with.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Ich bin ein Mensch, der gerne rumprobiert. Deshalb hat mir The Movies mit seinem genialen Filmeditor schon immer viel Spaß gemacht. Gut also, dass mri das Addon noch mehr Möglichkeiten gibt, meine Blockbuster besonders spektakulär zu inszenieren. Darüber hinaus bietet die Erweiterung jedoch kaum etwas Neues: ein paar Gebäude hier, den Stuntman als neuen Beruf da - das war's. Für den nicht gerade kleinen Batzen von 30 Euro hätte ich mehr erwartet, Herr Molyneux!
So, while The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack offers plenty for the hardcore moviemakers who compose the original release's main fanbase, more casual players will gain little from the expansion pack.
Is it worth 30 bucks? If you're heavily invested in its movie-making tech, or didn't struggle with the late game busywork, the answer is probably, though a 10-dollar shave seems more appropriate since stunt antics add relatively little to the sim game. But park your mouse and some patience in the advanced movie maker and it's bullet squibs over Broadway-on-fire. Stan Winston, eat your heart out.
Casual admirers of The Movies should be advised to stay far away from this expansion pack. It doesn't add anything that will make you love the game. However, if you're the creative kind of person who loved The Movies, or if you're the kind of person who spends days building a custom film from scratch, then the new tools in this expansion pack are undoubtedly worth twice what Activision is charging. Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to admire your work while we laugh at footballs hitting old men's crotches.
If you're into The Movies for the strategy sim, there's nothing noteworthy added in Stunts & Effects. But if you enjoyed building your own films, the freecam and the improved prop placement options alone are worth the price, while the props, sets, costumes, and effects merely add to the moviemaking experience. Action!
The Stunts and Effects expansion takes The Movies to a whole new level, making for a much more rounded and complete game than the original, with a lot more scope for creativity in moviemaking. The management of stuntmen and subsequent testing of their skills in high-risk situations can be exhilarating and frustrating in equal measure, especially when you have your heart set on a big stunt and a bank of injured stuntmen. The new camera adds a new dimension and the special effects add a modern flavour to a game that had previously been limited.
WindowsPC Gamer
Where the original The Movies opened with schmaltzy muzak, the Stunts & Effects expansion pack kicks off with '60s surf rock that sounds like a fantastic lost track by Dick Dale and his Deltones.