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    Time to put that drill to good use!

    Susumu and Anna get to the bottom of things and they do it in a hurry. If they don't, they'll run out of air in the fast-paced Mr. Driller 2.


    • Three game modes
    • Auto-saves progress
    • Two-player head-to-head action

    The world is being overrun by colored blocks that are coming from deep underground. In fact, the blocks have overrun India, America and Egypt. Looks like a job for the planet's premiere perforator, Susumu. But there's a new driller in town, Anna, who has all the skills to challenge Susumu for the title of top driller.

    If you haven't played a version of Mr. Driller before, the concept is pretty simple. You drill colored blocks. When a block gets drilled, it disappears. Some blocks are tiny squares, while others are odd-shaped, huge blocks that disappear with a single drill. Blocks that haven't been drilled stay elevated above your driller. You can disrupt the foundation when you drill, causing the blocks to fall and crush your driller.

    The game's three modes put you through the white-knuckle experience of drilling and hunting for air capsules. Mission Driller has you drilling as far down as you can go in three different locales. In Time Attack Driller, you must reach the bottom before time expires. Endless Driller is an exercise in stamina. You drill as deep as you can with up to five lives, depending on the level of difficulty.

    You and a friend can also hook up using the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable and play head-to-head to see who is the fastest driller. You can earn 20 Driller Cards by meeting goals in the game.

    Bottom Line

    Mr. Driller 2 is a fun game, even if it isn't compulsively replayable. If you like puzzle games, however, this one is a must.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (60292) on Apr 26, 2006.