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Mr. Driller

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WonderSwan Color

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How could ANYONE pass up this game?? PlayStation Satoshi Kunsai (1811)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade Awaiting 1 votes...
Dreamcast 16 3.5
Game Boy Color 7 3.3
PlayStation 10 3.2
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 1 votes...
PSP Awaiting 1 votes...
PS Vita Awaiting 1 votes...
Windows 7 2.9
WonderSwan Color 3 4.4
Combined User Score 43 3.4

Critic Reviews

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WonderSwan ColorReVival
Mr Driller est un excellent jeu. Certes il en existe des versions pour GBoy et maintenant DS (qui n'apporte malheureusement rien en terme de jouabilité, juste quelques modes de jeu supplémentaires), mais c'est sur cette version que le plaisir de jeu est le meilleur.
WonderSwan ColorDefunct Games
I understand this game is available for other systems (the DS version immediately comes to mind), but if you're like me, you're a young sexy gamer who's tired of playing Final Fantasy for the twelfth time and want to get a few more miles out of your Wonderswan. If the aforementioned notion of Tetris from Hell appeals to you, you can't go wrong with Mr. Driller.
DreamcastDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Replayability may be limited to beating an old high score, but many gamers will want to keep it around for a quick game or two. Mr. Driller comes recommended for all puzzle fans or anyone simply seeking an easy-to-pick-up quick game.
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Mr. Driller is a must have, instant-classic game with lots of depth (couldn’t resist) that will quickly find its way into your regular game rotation. Without a flux-capacitor modified DeLorean to visit 1980 with, Mr. Driller is the next best thing. With any luck, we’ll soon see bumper stickers that read, “I’ve got Mr. Driller fever!!” and the streets will be safe once again. I’ve finally got my time machine. Thanks, Namco!
Mr. Driller is fast, frantic, and most importantly, addictive like you wouldn't believe. Even as a full priced game, it would be a keeper, but at its value price, it's an absolute steal. Not only is it a fresh idea, but it also actually works. If all titles that proclaimed innovative qualities were as fun as this, we'd be in business. For fans of puzzlers or anyone really, this game is highly recommended.
If we were going to be brutal, we’d say that Mr Driller was just a touch too basic for our tastes… and indeed, it is. The problem is though that no matter how much we want to knock it, we just can’t – it’s so addictive that even if we failed to complete the 5000ft mode for the hundredth time, we’d still come back for more. While we still feel that it’s not the next Soul Calibur we were hoping for, Mr Driller will certainly fill the void for the time being. Do we really want Ms Pacman next though? Err…
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast
Mr. Driller is a simple, fun, and addicting game. It offers a nice mix of action and puzzle elements, and Mr. Driller has more than enough depth (no pun intended) to keep players coming back to best their previous score or time. It may not be the 3-D fighter many were hoping for, but I'll take a great, original game over just another sequel any day. I highly recommend Mr. Driller to anyone craving a good puzzle game.
WindowsGame Over Online
Everything is cute and smooth. The thing I like the best is the option of playing the game in a window instead of full-screen. This adds to the addictiveness since you can keep it open and still go about your business. But every few minutes you notice it on the taskbar and you stop whatever you're doing to play that temptress known as Mr. Driller. The next thing you know, three hours have gone by. These two factors make a prime candidate for a good game.
PlayStationSuper Play
Mr. Driller är ett väldigt roligt pusselspel som kommer att bli en klassiker. Det håller länge trots att variationen är liten, för precis som Tetris så har spelet ett slags magisk dragningskraft som gör att man kan spela i all oändlighet.
However, the music totally nabbed me. Its simply stunning orchestrations actually moved me more than most games I've played all year. Let's just hope that the game's music team can get a job somewhere else at Namco where their talents can be better framed with a good, fun game.
WindowsPC Zone
We could go ahead and criticise Mr Driller for its lack of a two-player mode, but this seems downright petty when you look at the price of this little gem. It's a beautifully realised arcade puzzle game, and the fact that your life will become a walking nightmare of collapsing building blocks should be of secondary concern.
Game Boy ColorDigital Press - Classic Video Games
The game has two different specific depth challenges - survive 500 ft and 1000 ft - and a survival mode, which is theoretically endless. Each provides its own opportunities for strategizing your way towards a better score. Unfortunately, there's no battery in the cart to save your scores, and there isn't a multiplayer mode, but with the fun you'll be having, these details won't be important.
Game Boy ColorGameSpot
Also, since the Game Boy Color's main demographic revolves around solitary consumers with modest amounts time on their hands, the lack of multiplayer support or extra gameplay modes doesn't hurt the game's GBC release as much as those of its console cousins. Sure, Tetris DX is still the most well-rounded GBC puzzle game, but Mr. Driller puts up a good fight, with three distinct modes, excellent visuals, an original premise, highly addictive gameplay, and a sickeningly charming lead character. If you're the type of person who can forgive a lack of features for an otherwise impeccable game, Mr. Driller might be a decent addition to your puzzle game library.
PlayStationGaming Entertainment Monthly
The appeal factor lasts for several hours, but eventual boredom does settle in. Without any multi-player included (another bad marketing decision), many will probably be bored after a couple days. The others will enjoy its goofy fun. This game is worth at least a rental to check out this zany and unique puzzle game. This gets the “Bad Title, Good Ol’ Fun” award.
Mr.Driller ist mit Sicherheit kein Spiel, das in die Software-Geschichte eingehen wird und das auch nicht in die Tetris-Klasse vorstoßen kann, was vorrangig dem fehlenden 2-Spieler-Modus zuzuschreiben ist. Trotzdem wird der Puzzle-Fan sicher nicht enttäuscht werden.
DreamcastConsoles Plus
Le jeu Mr Driller marque un retour aux vieux jeux d'arcade des années 80.
PlayStationConsoles Plus
Amusant, mais pas vraiment percutant.
If you can appreciate its charm, Mr. Driller is a very enjoyable game. There's strategy, fast action and goofy saloon piano music. You can really get zoned out playing it, which is a trademark of most great puzzle games. Its only real negative is that the modes don't offer much variety, and the action can get stale sooner than it should. Plus, there's no great multiplayer mode, which hurts the replay. Even so, if you're really into puzzle games, we recommend checking it out.
PlayStationSvenska PlayStation Magasinet
Mr Driller är ett jättebra arkadspel av den gamla sorten. Hade man bara fixat några småsaker lite här och var, så hade det blivit en klassiker. Det finns inget tvåspelarläge, men det är riktigt roligt ändå.
Un jeu qui ne paye pas de mine mais qui offre un puzzle rafraichissant, rapide et maniable. Si vous êtes lassé de Chu Chu Rocket, vous trouverez un très bon remplacement dans Mr Driller.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Mr. Driller is een hele aardige puzzeltitel, maar mist de magie die grote titels als Tetris en BaM zo verslavend maken. Leuk voor een paar uurtjes spannende gameplay, maar niet goed genoeg om maandenlang in je PlayStation te laten zitten.
DreamcastVideo Games
Standard-Puzzler ohne Höhepunkte ... Nichts gegen Puzzle-Titel, doch wenn sich die Entwickler schon so dreist an vergangenen Klassikern bedienen, warum setzten sie diese nicht gleich komplett auf einer Next-Gen-Konsole um? Zwar erkennt man bei Mr. Driller sehr deutlich die Verwandschaft zum C64-Klassiker Boulder Dash, das Spiel erreicht jedoch bei weitem nicht dessen Abwechslungsreichtum. Auch, wenn Mr. Driller zu Beginn durchaus Spaß macht, vermisse ich nach einiger Zeit neue Spielelemente oder Einfälle. Daran können auch Steine in immer neuen Farben und eine speicherbare Highscore-Liste nichts ändern.
Hybride de Rick Dangerous (pour les nostalgiques) et de Tetris, Mr Driller n'arrive cependant pas à se faire une place au soleil dans la foule des jeux à puzzle mais il n'en reste pas moins un choix à envisager pour qui veut s'amuser quelques soirées (ou faire plaisir à son petit cousin de sept ans).
A great value title that should appeal to almost anyone, Mr. Driller is a cute and quirky puzzler that lacks the variety to make it a long-term contender for your attention like a Puzzle Fighter or Tetris would. At a low price of $20, however, Mr. Driller is a worthwhile and refreshing return to the puzzle genre, however short-lived the game may be.
Au final, Mr Driller remplit de justesse son rôle, du fait de sa fraîcheur et son ambiance de bonbon acidulé, mais pèche malheureusement par un intérêt limité sur la durée, surtout qu'il est strictement fermé aux joies des parties multijoueur.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide
In all, for those of you who enjoy puzzle games that require fast fingers and an even faster brain, Mr. Driller is worth a look. Don't be turned off by its action appearances, because there is quite a bit of strategy involved. Just don't expect to be able to play it with a friend. Hopefully, if they make a sequel, it will have more in the way of options.
Game Boy ColorIGN
Mr. Driller is definitely not of the same caliber as Tetris, Klax, or Puyo Puyo Sun in terms of a puzzle game, and as an action game it lacks a lot of variety to egg you on to later levels. As a Game Boy Color game, Mr. Driller is a nice five or ten minute diversion, but it doesn't have much to keep you going for more than that.
Game Boy ColorGame Vortex
Mr. Driller is by no means a bad game, but it just didn’t grab me the way that the PlayStation version did. That being said, any fan of the action-puzzle genre owes it to themselves to at least check the game out and see if it’s their style. It may not have infinite loads of replay value, but it certainly is a pleasant little ride while it lasts. The only question is how long it’ll last you.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
In the end, Mr. Driller is a basic, enjoyable game that screams out for a more advanced sequel. "Ms. Driller," anyone?
PlayStationMega Fun
Mr. Driller hat unbestritten ein gewisses Suchtpotenzial. Für meinen Geschmack ist Namcos Geschicklichkeitstest ein wenig zu hektisch ausgefallen, um wirklich zu größeren Denkakrobatiken auszuarten. So sind viele Aktionen reiner Zufall oder der gute Mr. Driller entrinnt dem Tode nur mit viel Glück. Zum einen ist es positiv, dass Boni immer an derselben Stelle versteckt sind, denn so wird jedes Mal eure Taktik besser. Auf der anderen Seite werden die Levels dann recht schnell langweilig, da man irgendwann den Bogen raus hat. Schade, dass es keinen Zweispieler-Modus gibt. Eine Challenge mit Splitscreen wäre sicher eine tolle Sache gewesen. Somit bleibt Namcos Bohr-Vergnügen nur für nervöse Knobel-Fans zu empfehlen.
It's downright criminal that Mr. Driller doesn't have any multiplayer modes. A set of cooperative and competitive two-player modes could have placed Mr. Driller in the upper echelon of puzzle games, right alongside Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Baku Baku. As it stands, Mr. Driller is good enough to keep you interested for a week or so, but it lacks any long-term staying power.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic
I really don't quite "get it", but Mr. Driller seems to have developed a very devoted following among the Dreamcast faithful.
A nice try by the developers to rekindle the flame of addictive puzzle titles, but these days even this genre needs a little more flair and variety. The lack of a multiplayer option is also unforgivable.
Game Boy ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Pour ceux qui souhaiteraient néanmoins persister, les modes de jeu proposés ne sont pas suffisants, il faudra se contenter d’Easy, Hard et Survival. Quelques variantes de jeu auraient été appréciées et sauveraient les afficionados de l’ennui. Même le mode Deux joueurs est passé à la trappe ! Dommage, car la réalisation est d’un bon niveau : les graphismes sont mignons et colorés, la bande sonore est entraînante et l’animation ne pose aucun souci puisqu’elle reste assez limitée dans ce type de jeu.
DreamcastMega Fun
Als ich Namcos neues Werk in die Hand gedrückt bekam, dachte ich mir: „Oh nein, nicht schon wieder so ein Trash-Game.“ Im Nachhinein ist dieser größte anzunehmende Unfall aber doch nicht eingetreten, da sich Mr. Driller zumindest als halbwegs innovative Tetris-Adaption entpuppte. Die altertümliche Grafik und der pipsige Sound verlocken stets, die strategische Komponente außer Acht zu lassen und einfach drauf los zu bohren. Eine Taktik die, schnelle Reaktionen vorausgesetzt, lange Zeit euch mit Erfolg belohnt wird. Weiterhin hätten abwechslungsreiche Spielmodi und natürlich ein anständiger Zweispieler-Modus der Scheibe gut getan. Fazit: Nur für echte Freaks eine Überlegung wert.
Mr Driller est un jeu de puzzle en 2D aux graphismes très colorés mais qui n'est pas à proprement parler très original. L'impossibilité de jouer à deux et le principe simpliste et répétitif ne laissent pas la possibilité au joueur d'exprimer ses talents de logique et de réflexes très longtemps. La jouabilité très simple aura au moins le mérite de permettre aux apprentis gamer d'exprimer leur talent bourgeonnant.