Mr. Driller Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Select mode
Game starts
Take extra air
Life lost
Nice ghost
Drill deeper!
Today's ranking
Game Over

Game Boy Color version

Opening screen
Opening story
Title screen
Select your difficulty
Starting the level
I died.
I've gotten a little ways in.
I lost all my lives. This is the results of how I did.
Enter name for high score.
Here I am on the high scores.
Game over. Do I retry or give up?
Straight-down road
Take oxygen
New frontier
Other blocks
...bigger than other
And next type of blocks
Body fall down

PlayStation version

Select your depth mode.
Title screen
One of the least intimidating enemies in any video game... ever.
Who you gonna call?! Ghos... Mr. Driller!
Go, Driller, Go!
Mode selection screen.
Starting the 500 m journey down.
You need to pick up air capsules along the way to keep Mr. Driller's health up. The deeper you go, the faster it drops.
It's best to avoid drilling in the brown blocks. They give you -20% air right away if you break them.
*Phew!* Only 400 meters to go!
After some digging the blocks switch colors.
Mr. Driller's in some serious need of air right now.

Windows version

The Mr.Driller introductory story
Our hero, Mr. Driller. The black bars on the sides are what you get if you choose to play in 640x480 mode. You'd think they would've invested in some kind of pattern or something.
Main menu
Game select
In the "Options" menu you can alter the settings for Arcade Mode as well as have access to a "Sound Test."
Arcade Game, 1st level
Survival Mode options are viewable at the beginning of the Survival Mode game.
Survival Mode, 1st level, "normal" setting
Time Attack mode lets you choose from various levels. There are some which need to be unlocked.
The game also offers the choice of playing in "Arcade Cabinet" mode if you should choose to not want to play in the max resolution of 640x480.
This mode is spectacularly useless.

WonderSwan Color version

Title screen
The year... The FUTURE(?)
Mr. Driller
To work!
To work is to drill.
Select depth
Count down to run out of air.
Drilling a bit.
Crushed by block.
The soul leaves drifts heavenward, seeking to escape the spelunking bodies fate.
Air tank!
A precarious situation.
100m down!
Deeper you go... and so the blocks change.
Almost rubbery now.
Need air! Or death shall soon be Mr. Driller's fate.
Deeper still, block types repeating.
How far you drilled before dying.
Name entry.
Game Over.