Mr. Tomato Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Intro starts, reading a book at night
Eyes become heavy
Paw pulls the boy to the game
Manual protection check
Main menu
Game options
Level introduction
Forest level starts up
First diamond found
Big rabbit throwing carrots
Mouse on the platform
Dragonfly, frog and caterpillar
Energy lost
Buggyman and a snail
Game over
Jumping over the flame
Enemy hit with potato
Tomato and a big mosquito
Charging tree
Sharp spikes coming from the ground
End of the level one
Village level starts up
Jumping over the sheep
Arrow spike
Jumping over a pig
Goose on the platform
Green chicken
Vicious wolf
Peasant knocked out
Peasant and a coin
Entrance to the castle
Castle level starts up
Young frankenstein ahead
Skeleton with a candle
Jumping over catching hand
Blue wizard
Enemy killed
Elongated neck when falling
End of the game
Time to wake up
Was this a dream?
Game finished