Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Language selection (EU version).
Intro. Italian.
Intro. English.
Main menu.
So the first level is called... Cleopactra?
A hologram of... Professor Pac...
Gobbling up Pac-Dots.
"This device is a popper pad. It boings you into the air."
No diet for her...
Stage clear. But... no star awarded...
Level: Mummy Dearest. The TNT will blow up walls and other things.
These mummies are dangerous.
A very useful flying carpet.
This Anubis looks weird.
Well done!
Nice wall painting.
Yeah... that's boring...
"You Got 1 Stars"...
Level: Temple of Dot.

Nintendo 64 version

Namco logo
Mass Media logo
Title Screen

PlayStation version

The Namco screen
While the game loads, watch Ms. Pac-Man eat Pac-Dots in a limited area
The level select screen. It tells you what gems you have collected, as well as the number of stars
Ms. Pac-Man has the usual task of gobbling up Pac-Dots and avoiding ghosts
Lost some health
Professor Pac-Man guides you through the level, telling you how to use the gizmos that you will encounter
What the professor doesn't tell you, however, is how to open these green doors
Caterpillar approaching
You receive a star for every level that you pass
End-of-level statistics
Wandering around the caves
Watch out for that boulder
One of the bonus levels in the game
Pac Ping Harbor
Happy New Year!
This place looks haunted
Ms. Pac-Man gets shocked
Another bonus level
Get away from Gobblin
Classic Ms. Pac-Man
Multiplayer - Map Selection
Multiplayer - Mode Selection
Multiplayer - Player Selection
Multiplayer - Game Play
Multiplayer - Results