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MSX version

Title screen
The old man tells you about the tower
Have YOU joined the young communist volunteers, comrade?!
Here is the famous tower...
Hmm, not much to find here...
This is your tent. Here you can sleep, save, load, and dream about the sexy girls you have defeated in the tower
Tower entrance. Something is written on the door...
Entering the tower
You know, tiny panties are a must for casting spells successfully these days!
The yellow sun was gloomly shining over the desert...
I'll find my fortune!
Oooooooo.... does this screenshot really need a description? ;-)
You defeated the enemy. Now she will do whatever you tell her... nah, just kidding
This is a door. What lies beyond?..
Hmm, strange pedestals, strange creatures...
You see the magic user from far away