Rance II: Hangyaku no Shōjotachi Screenshots (MSX)

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MSX version

Title screen
So, what will you do now, magician? Can't resist the girls, can you?
A sinister-looking tower
They are pretty, and they are dangerous...
Rance and Shiiru embark on their new adventure...
Some enemies are simply so cute :-)
This is Alice (from Alice Soft). She'll introduce the heroes to you and epxlain some things about the game
Rance and Shiiru
Hi, so delighted to meet you!
This is the town in trouble
Talking to the mayor
This place is kind of mysterious...
Hey, this is not nice. Hands off that girl, sicko!
In a tavern
This is a church, could you believe that?
Hey ladies! Anything for a lone traveler?
In this shop you can buy wepaons, equipment, and armor
Should we go into the well?
In dungeon you navigate a red cursor over the map
This enemy has no chance against the combined muight of Rance and Shiiru
Good to know there are shops even in a dungeon
Be careful! She might look cute, but she is dangerous!
Enemy casts a spell on you
These are the four magical rings