Mundial de Fútbol Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting our team
The match begins

Amstrad PCW version

Loading screen
Let's try to find our player...

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Team selection screen
Throw in
First world cup result
Starting player 1 match
Tactic selection screen
Team skills screen
First seconds of the match
The goalkeeper shots
This is not fair play, man
Goal kick
Half time
The goalkeeper abandoning his original position... finally losing the match by three goals
Corner kick
This is going to be a nice goal...
And that's a goal de facto
Kick off
Buh, this shoot was really bad

MSX version

Loading screen
Main menu
Argentina vs. Camerun (Cameroon)
Argentina's stats
Camerun's (Cameroon's) stats
The kick off for the 1st half.
The ball went out near the goal. 'Puerta' means 'door'.
Out of bounds on the sidelines. 'Banda' means 'band'.
Starting the 2nd half.
The final score.
Argentina wins.
Next game: URSS (USSR) vs. Rumania (Romania)
Closing ceremonies.
Five members of each team walk out with their flag while their national anthem plays. This is Alemania (Germany)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Welcome to the opening ceremony!
And here come Germany!
And here's Columbia with a plane reading an Opera Sport banner flying over them for no apparent reason
And there it is, what all these nations are playing for, the World Cup!
The main menu
Select your team
Here's an earlier result...the host nation well thrashed!
And here's the game we have for you today, it's Czechoslovakia versus the United States of America
Select your formation
Your team's statistics
Kick off
Throw in
Goal kick
That's a dreadful tackle, it's a free kick to the Czechs but no doubt the referee...he's not even going to book him! I can’t believe that! He should be sent off for that but he's getting away with it!
Oh and it's come back off the post! That's desperately unlucky!
The ball is safe in the goalie's arms
Shoots...oh just wide!
That's another terrible tackle from the American...and yes at long last the referee brandishes a yellow card and he's in the book
And there is the half time whistle
And that's yet ANOTHER crunching dirty tackle...and that's number five, he's already been booked...he's off! It's a second booking, that's a red card and the USA are down to ten men here
Oh he's put it through...AND HE SCORES! INCREDIBLE! The ten men of America have taken the lead!
Well the Americans have a corner kick and they are in no real hurry to take it
And that's it! The referee blows his whistle and the game is over! The USA with ten men have beaten the Czechs by a goal to nil!
And confirmation of the final score