Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Splash screen.
Main title.
Main menu.
The faithful night.
Flashbacks of your life.
Getting familiar with the controls.
It is not your time to pass onto the other side just yet.
Unfortunately, as a ghost you cannot talk to living people.
Ghost girl getting you up to speed with your current status.
Being dead doesn't mean you're home free, there are dangers of losing your soul as well.
Being a ghost and all, you can walk through solid objects with certain limitations.
You can switch to first-person perspective at any time during gameplay, but you cannot walk except in 3rd-person.
Investigating clues.
When possessing a person, you can hear his or her thoughts.
Sometimes you can force the thought into someone else's mind to make the person remember something or provide you with further clues.
You cannot enter houses, but if someone else opens the door for you, there's nothing stopping you but air.
Being a ghost gives you ability to see things you couldn't see while you were still alive.
Watch out for demons, they can suck your soul.
You can kill a demon only if you surprise it from behind.
While you cannot talk to humans, you can talk to other ghosts.
Analyzing details.
You can help other ghosts move on by investigating and solving their problems.
List of side cases.
Memories of your own life can be found throughout the town.
Possessing the priest to cross over the deadly trap.
Possessing the cat to climb up all the way to the attic.
Finding the witness to your murder... and she seems to be able to see you and hear you.
First person perspective will let you check locations in more detail, but it is not necessary to game's progress.
Inside the precinct, Square is advertising some of their other published titles.
Seeing how police officers are playing Deus Ex 3, no wonder they still didn't catch the serial killer.
Some people can't seem to cope with their deaths.
Looking at your own autopsy.
Helping Joy sneak past the cops.
Select the clue that answers the question.
Finding multiple key items will unlock various ghost stories you can listen.
At the cemetery, in front of your wife's grave.
Executing a demon.
By holding the ghost's hand, you can see events from their past.
Cats seem to have some special climbing abilities.
Need to find a way to help Joy enter the mental hospital.
Use poltergeist ability to disable the cameras and help Joy sneak past unnoticed.
This girl is the victim who survived the so-called Bell Killer, now if only I could make her talk somehow.
Reenactment of the prosecution of witches in Salem.
Watch out for the ghost train.
Got to find a way to past all these demons.
Reconstructing the crime scene.
Use teleport to jump through the holes you couldn't cross in walking stance.
Ronan's got a lot of theories, but you'll be guessing the truth until the very end.
Use ravens to distract demons and create an opportunity for you to strike them from behind.
The police is too ill-equipped to put a stop to all the killings.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Screenshots

Windows version

A warm greeting from a cold ghost.
You have to reveal some items before you can...
... inspect them.
Description of the item inspected.
Sometimes you have to use some clue to get others.
After completing a side quest, the ghost you helped "follow the light".
A side quest is beginning.
Reveal and...
... inspect (1).
... inspect (2).
... inspect (3).
Always smoking.
It´s not a good idea to step the red (devil) part of the floor.
Follow quickly the instructions to scape the devils hands.
Questioning a witness.
It´s a trap!
Some ghost, some are really creepy.
Devils, you have to avoid their look.
A talking ghost, some ghost are interactuables but don´t have side quest.
Another look of the main character.
Police meeting about the criminal case of the game.
You have to choose a clue to refresh the memory to someone (alive).
Deus Ex 2 in police computers.
Good job police...
Just Cause 2 poster, those polices work any time?
Every location has some collectives that tell a story.
At the cementery.
Close look.
Talking a ghost.
Those red points at back are the killing wounds of the main character.
Possessing a cat.
Looking devils through the walls
Killing a devil.
Follow the instructions to kill the devil!
More decoration ghosts.
Every collection´s story are creepy.
Some stories are really disgusting.
I like this kind of loading screen.
Poem of the serial killer...
Going through a car.