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iPhoneIGN (Jan 10, 2013)
Mutant Mudds is a throwback sculpted charmingly out of equal amounts of old-school platforming and unique plane-shifting. The experience has translated exceptionally from 3DS to iOS thanks to a set of excellent, responsive virtual buttons.
Nintendo 3DSGamegravy (Jan 30, 2012)
Even though this is one of the more pricey titles on the eShop sitting at $8.99, it is definitely a must buy for avid 3DS players and fans of old school gaming. Any true platforming fan would enjoy this and will get many hours out of this title, especially when trying to unlock levels and trying to beat the more difficult secret ones. The eShop is quickly becoming a major selling point to owning a 3DS with Mutant Mudds and Pushmo to lead the way.
Nintendo (Jun 21, 2012)
Renegade Kid liefert mit „Mutant Mudds“ einen der besten eShop-Titel ab. Die Texaner überzeugen mit einem Spiel, das durch eine gehörige Portion Charme, einem schlichten, aber genialen Gameplay und einer gelungenen Gesamtpräsentation Fans des Genres und solche, die es noch werden wollen gnadenlos überzeugt. Ein Gegenmittel gegen die Sommerflaute? „Mutant Mudds“!
iPhone148apps (Dec 06, 2012)
Mutant Mudds is a retro-style platformer that makes its way from 3DS, and shines with challenging platform gameplay, impressive pixel art, and kickin' chiptunes.
iPad148apps (Dec 06, 2012)
Mutant Mudds is a retro-style platformer that makes its way from 3DS, and shines with challenging platform gameplay, impressive pixel art, and kickin' chiptunes.
Nintendo 3DSCubed3 (Jun 20, 2012)
A sharp contrast to Renegade Kid’s technically stellar DS games, Mutant Mudds wraps up retro-inspired charm, pixel art that pleases the eyes, and a boatload of challenge, all making highly effective use of the 3DS slider switch, all in one affordable downloadable package. The reliance on timing jumps and blasts in later levels may be a deterrent for some, but for those willing to give into the one-more-go factor this game is one of the eShop’s best.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life (Jan 23, 2012)
We've seen developers blend puzzles with 2D platforming to create some interesting hybrids, but it's nice to see a developer get back to basics and offer up a more traditional platforming experience for players to sink their teeth into. With its crafty level designs and unique visual style, Mutant Mudds offers up the best of both 8-bit and 16-bit worlds, all the while giving fans of the genre a classic 2D platformer. Mutant Mudds might very well be the best eShop game to date, and one no platformer fan should miss.
Nintendo 3DSThe A.V. Club (Feb 13, 2012)
Certain questions come to mind while playing Mutant Mudds. Why does this kid have a jetpack? Why does he have a gun that seemingly shoots eggs? Why does his grandmother live in the middle of 16 abstract levels that are covered with lava and ice? If a giant meteor of sentient mud landed on earth and started causing trouble, how will collecting little diamonds help? Renegade Kid’s game is not forthcoming with answers, but it makes up for its incoherent sense of place with a series of excellent precision-platformer challenges. In each stage, there are 100 diamonds to collect, and an additional secret stage within that is even harder. Take three hits from red-eyed baddies, and you have to restart the level. Mudds can be taxing, but it’s rarely unfair. It’s always clear what you must do to proceed, even if many of the levels have you bouncing between background, foreground, and right up against the screen…
Nintendo 3DSFNintendo (Jul 08, 2012)
Mutant Mudds é um hino às plataformas retro, que têm aqui a prova de que continuam tão actuais como eram na sua época. O jogo tem de tudo um pouco q.b., mas podia ser mais ambicioso em certos pontos. Ligeiramente repetitivo e limitado, mas com uma concepção de níveis brilhante, jogabilidade perfeita e um desafio constante ao jogador. Um jogo que merece estar no topo dos melhores da eShop.
Nintendo 3DSGamezGeneration (Jul 01, 2012)
Mutant Mudds entführt euch als schöne Hommage in fast vergessene 8-Bit Tage. Max’ Abenteuer spielt sich klasse und sieht toll aus. Für 9 Euro bekommt ihr hier ein tolles Jump‘n‘Shoot Abenteuer, dass bisher eines der besten eShop Games ist. Wer auf eine solche Art von Spielen steht, sollte sich den Download nicht zweimal überlegen. Einziger Negativpunkt ist die mangelnde Abwechslung auf Dauer, aber darüber kann man bei diesem Preis getrost wohlwollend hinwegsehen.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jan 12, 2013)
Mutant Mudds is a neo-retro trip with its heart in the right place. The lack of health pickups and checkpoints makes some of the longer missions a chore, but otherwise it’s pretty well built. If you enjoyed Duke Nukem before the shotguns and strippers, then there’s likely a place in your heart that Mutant Mudds can fill.
At the end of the day Mutant Mudds is a game that a lot of people should experience. The simple but yet charming visuals and sound are complimented by some old school addicting platform action, but make no mistake, the game can be challenging that is for sure, and the lack of variety may turn some people off. Even with the noted issues, the game is pretty good, and overall I think it is safe to recommend it to most everyone out there, especially those who are looking for some quick and challenging bursts of platform action while taking their 3DS on the go.
WindowsGame industry News (GiN) (Oct 13, 2012)
So in summary: Mutant Mudds' mechanics are simple so that anyone can give it a go, the jumping between level depths gave the game a splash of something a little different, its 8-bit music and graphics are pleasing to listen to and look at, and it keeps you pretty well entertained. The only thing I could ask for is something to make Mutant Mudds a bit more compelling to play, but I'm not going to condemn the game for the lack of it.
Nintendo (Jun 19, 2012)
Fort d'un level design diabolique et d'un gameplay aux petits oignons, Mutant Mudds se présente comme un must have pour les amateurs de jeux de plates-formes à l'ancienne. A la fois simple d'accès et particulièrement exigeant, celui-ci fait un quasi sans-faute, seul le prix pratiqué et un léger manque d'originalité faisant tache. Cela ne nous empêchera pas de vous conseiller vivement l'investissement.
Nintendo 3DSGameSpot (Feb 14, 2012)
Mutant Mudds' simple yet challenging gameplay makes Max's adventure more than a nostalgic romp through a colorful 8-bit land. Despite a degree of repetitiveness, the game's cleverly designed stages and unique 3D aspect help it stand on its own. Anyone craving classic platforming action should give Mutant Mudds a try.
WindowsRGCD / Retro Gaming CD (Jul 11, 2013)
Mutant Mudds doesn't feel like a game that fits comfortably on the PC. I only have to assume that based on the glowing reviews of its 3DS incarnation that the handheld medium is where it finds its feet. This, combined with a few bumps in the road like the inability to turn around when crouched (or even exit the game from full screen mode without resorting to ALT+F4) makes for a slightly flawed game with great intentions, great style and good execution. There's a lot of cool stuff in there, laid over a skeleton that's slightly skewed (at least on the PC platform).
iPadPocket Gamer UK (Dec 07, 2012)
Mutant Mudds remains a fun yet frustrating experience on iOS, with its quirky plane-switching mechanic going some way to making up for its frustratingly exacting 2D platform gameplay.
Nintendo 3DSD+PAD Magazine (Aug 04, 2012)
Once you’re through a level, the world map has doorways back into places you’ve been or yet to open. There’s an attic where your grandmother will sell you upgrades for a certain amount of diamonds. There are secret doorways to other levels in different worlds. There’s a lot of depth for a downloadable title game, and Mutant Mudds contrasts strikingly with the first wave of DSiWare games, showing how the service is evolving.
Nintendo 3DSPocket Gamer UK (Jun 27, 2012)
Mutant Mudds is a great slice of retro-styled platforming for the 3DS, which just falls at the last few hurdles.
Nintendo (UK) (Feb 08, 2012)
Mutant Mudds doesn't quite have the brash, devil-may-care attitude of Super Meat Boy or the charming personality of VVVVVV, but its refined obstacle courses are a distillation of what made us fall in love with 2D platformers in the first place. Despite being developed by a company called Renegade Kid, Mutant Mudds plays it safe. It never went out to set the world on fire - and it doesn't - but it ascends above its humble concepts with gusto and aplomb.
Nintendo (Feb 26, 2012)
That said, if you can stomach the price point Mutant Mudds is an excellent 3DSWare title to add to your collection especially if you are a retro gamer who loved the platforming genre back in the day. Some of the stages are unbalanced for sure, but the vast majority hit that sweet spot of making the player feel accomplished once they succeed. While we’d like to see more to the game in a future sequel, this iteration of Mutant Mudds is still a great value with all things considered. If you can look past it’s flaws you’ll find another hidden gem in Nintendo’s 3DSWare offering.
WindowsHardcore Gamer Magazine (Sep 04, 2012)
Mutant Mudds is a well-executed title that falls short in some crucial areas. Given the relatively low price, Mutant Mudds is worth owning if you’re seeking a tough platformer with some twists to it. Unfortunately, some may find its high difficulty more frustrating than fun. The old-school graphics work well, with the bold outlines making the far-off gameplay easier to make out, but the music and depth issues often suck enjoyment out of an otherwise breezy experience.
WindowsRetro Spirit Games (Oct 31, 2012)
Anyway back to Mutant Mudds and all that is left to say is that I found it exceptionally bland, with a retro look that is unappealing and devoid of charm (the hero looks like a Dexter's Laboratory character, as drawn by a 5 year old). Playing the game feels like going through the motions, you find yourself slogging your way through it in the manner of someone completing tedious household chores on a rainy afternoon. Well that's how it felt to me anyway. It simply does not cut it, so do not waste any of your time playing tat like this when there are hundreds and hundreds of amazing 2D platformers out there to choose from.. go ahead, pick one, there's a 90% chance it will be vastly more enjoyable than this insipid effort.