Mutation Nation Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Being attacked.
Punched him.
Mutants everywhere.
He's coming to get you.
Rolled over.
Good punch.
They look normal.
Mixture of mutants.
Mini hulks.
Heads are changing.
Keep punching.
Outside a mansion.
The boss.
Throwing a fireball.
Smashed windows.

Neo Geo version

How to Play
Area 1
Area 1 Intermediate Boss
Using Special Attack "B"
The arrow is telling you to keep moving...
...but this is what happens if you don't
Nice view of the city from here
Using Special Attack "C"
Area 1 Boss
Beaten up by an unseen force
Area 2
Using Special Attack "D"
People are still up on board that ship, begging for a fight
He looks like a mean brute
Fighting on the street
Area 2 Boss
Area 3
Using Special Attack "A"
Fighting on top of a truck
Area 3 Boss
Area 4
Attack of the Gold Robots
Area 4 Boss
Area 5
Never seen those aliens before
In the sewers
Area 5 Boss
A gruesome sight