MVP Baseball 2004 Screenshots

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Xbox version

Title screen.
Some loading screens display the controls...
... and some show hints or details about the game.
You can unlock stadiums, players, uniforms and teams by spending points.
The beginning of a Home Run Showdown.
Dynasty is basically Career mode, but more in-depth then other games.
Each team has various goals to meet, that change after every year (fail a goal, and next year's will be easier).
Among Dynasty options is League News, which shows information from all MLB, AA and AAA teams.
Showing the starting pitcher.
When pitching, you want to aim to hit the button when the marker is in the green.
Carlos Delgado receiving a soft throw for an easy out.
Each batter has an introduction, which shows game stats or player stats (age, etc.).
Vernon Wells about to dive for a ball.
Instant replay showing my third straight strike.
Visiting the mound can increase or decrease a player's happiness. In this case, the latter.
My turn at bat, waiting for the pitch.
Damnit, hit a foul behind me.
Waiting to grab an easy pop fly.
An amazing dive!.... by the other team. :(
You can change a lot of roster info while in-game.
View your bullpen, see how your pitcher(s) are warming up.
The scoreboard keeps track of tons of information.
You can configure different sliders to make gameplay easier or harder.
Whenever you get a strike, a small PIP shows you what you did wrong (did you swing early or late?).
Sometimes the ref is asked to see if your check swing was early enough.
That's a great hit, and easily a double.
You can view the action from behind the picture instead of the batter.
Getting up from a slide, which just beat the ball to the bag.
Showing my runner crossing the plate in a replay.
There is a Manager mode available, where you call the shots and let the computer play, sort of like the "___ Manager" games on PC. All text based.