My Doll Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
Here she is, the star of the game in front of her house. She speaks with a charming Polish accent As the mouse cursor rolls over a window it opens to reveal a micro game
The dressing up game. here the player selects different hair styles, lipstick, eye shadow and jewellery
The bedroom game. Here the player starts with an empty room and selects furniture and wallpaper of their choice
The meal game. Only three meals to prepare here, the player is presented with black shapes and must drag the appropriate object from the fridge to the table. When complete she will show what they make
This game is played off screen. The player prints off one or more of a series of outfits, colours them in, cuts them out, and then dresses the doll
An interactive dressing up game. There are six sets of clothes to choose from, selected via the clothes hangers at the bottom of the screen, and clothes are dragged and dropped onto the model
The clothes sorting game. There is a pile of clothes. When clicked on an outfit is shown. If it suits then it belongs in the wardrobe, if it doesn't then it belongs in the basket